20 Arrested At Underage Alcohol Party on Seasons Lane

Nicholas R. Beaton, 20, of Seasons Lane was arrested and charged with Facilitating a Drug/Underage Alcohol House Party and Unlawful Possession and Intoxication after police received a call of people being loud at that location.

That call led to the arrest of 20 underage persons.

“On Tuesday, April 29, shortly after 11 p.m., officers responded to the area of Seasons Lane after a resident called to report people being loud in the road,” Londonderry Detective Christopher Olson said. “Upon arrival, officers found the area to be quiet, however, rather than clearing the scene, the officers remained in the area to look for any suspicious activity. A short while later, one officer located more than a dozen vehicles parked in the cul-de-sac at the end of Seasons Lane, while another officer conducted a vehicle stop on a suspicious vehicle traveling in the area. Upon speaking with the occupants of the vehicle, it was learned that they were looking for a certain house on Seasons Lane where there was a party going on. The occupants of the vehicle were determined to be under the age of 21.”

Olson said that based on the information learned from the vehicle stop, police responded to the Seasons Lane residence to speak with the person in charge.

“Officers arrived and found several windows covered with sheets, however officers were able to observe cases of beer and bottles of liquor in plain view through a glass door, and officers attempted to make contact with people inside the house,” Olson said in a press release. “One officer knocked on the door and saw two young males look at him and run. The officer believed that the two males were under the age of 21. Officers then began knocking on the front door in an attempt to make contact. As they knocked on the front door, they were able to hear another door open and close, then they heard rustling coming from the woods.”

Olson said a vehicle pulled in the driveway and a “male subject in the vehicle told officers that he was there to pick up his daughter, who had called him and said the people in the house would not let her leave. An officer then used his public address system and requested someone come to the door. After a short while, Nicholas Beaton came to the front door with the female who had called her father. Beaton stated that he lived at the residence and that his parents were away. Beaton escorted officers into the house, where they found large amounts of alcohol and a large group of subjects who had been hiding in the residence.”

Beaton and 19 others, ranging in age from 15 to 20 years old, were arrested for Unlawful Possession and Intoxication. Several cars were towed, which may belong to those who ran from the scene. “Those subjects could face potential charges,” Olson said.

Olson credits “the good work and diligence of the officers on scene (to ensure) that even though the minors were arrested, they were able to be safely returned home rather than over-consuming alcohol or driving while intoxicated.

“Rather than clearing the scene after not hearing any loud noises, the officers realized that it is school vacation week and that many families are away on vacation,” Olson explained, noting the officers remained in the area and located an underage drinking party.

“This was an outstanding job done by the officers on scene and furthermore, their proactive work resulted in all involved being safely returned home, rather than the night ending in potential tragedy. That was the most important thing to come from this incident, not the arrests,” Olson said.

Officers involved in the incident include: Sgt. Nicholas A. Pinardi Jr., Ofc. George Mottram, Jr., Ofc. James J. Freda Jr., Ofc. Randy A. Dyer and Ofc. Narciso Garcia Jr.

Bail for Beaton was set at $1,500 Personal Recognizance, with a court date of May 19. at Derry District Court.

Given hand citations were three 20-year-olds, three 19-year-olds, three 18-year-olds, seven 17-year-olds, one 16-year-old and two 15-year olds. Beaton was the only person taken into custody.