24-Hour Drug Take-Back Box Offered at Police Station

The Londonderry Police Department has installed a permanent drug take-back box in the lobby of the Police Station, which is to be available to citizens 24 hours a day starting April 18.

The box will be anonymous and anyone can make drop-offs without speaking to an officer at the Station, according to an April 11 press release from the Police Department.

The purpose of the box is to reduce prescription drug abuse, reduce accidental poisoning and reduce the impact of improper disposal of drugs on the environment.

The new drop-off box will replace the Department of Environmental Services’ biannual drug take-back days.

“These days have been a huge success at the Londonderry Police Department; therefore, it was decided that a permanent box would better serve our citizens,” the press release said. “It is the only secure and environmentally safe way to dispose of expired or leftover medication.”

Items citizens are permitted to drop off in the box include prescription medications, ointments and patches; pet medications and vitamins.

Items that are not permitted for drop-off include needles, inhalers, aerosol cans, hydrogen peroxide, thermometers, over-the-counter liquids, lotions or ointments, batteries and trash.

For more information, contact Det. Chris Olson at 432-1118.

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