Second LMS Fundraising Dodgeball Tourney a Huge Hit

Had she blue-printed a perfect outcome for the second annual Londonderry Middle School Dodgeball Tournament – held on Saturday, April 2 – the way things actually shook out for tourney director Amy Cohen and the other folks involved would have been right in line.

“The tournament was a huge success,” said Cohen. “We had 16 teams, 95 kids, and the stands were packed with family and friends. We raised $720, and 100 percent of our proceeds go to the non-profit organization the Londonderry Police Explorers, Post 1137.”

Of course, competition was just one facet of the event. But where the on-court action was concerned, there was no shortage of big moments. And when the air was finally free of zooming dodgeballs, The Raiders’ contingent was crowned champion for the second consecutive year.

That bunch included players Cooper Bartlett, Jake McEachern, Tyler Kayo, Chris Tutt, Garrison Kriegl, and Alex Tsetsilas.

“Once again, the tournament had a fantastic family atmosphere,” said director Cohen. “The players and family members alike enjoyed cheering while watching games played, and the emotions were electrifying.”

One key moment that will doubtless be remembered by all the participants and spectators alike occurred when a single member of The Terminators’ squad put forth a gutsy effort that pulled his crew back from the very edge of defeat.

“At one point, Joey O’Neil of The Terminators found himself all alone on the court, and he kept fighting back and catching balls, which got teammates back into the game, and he was able to get four teammates back onto the court. The crowd loved his spirit and never-say-die approach,” said Cohen.

The Terminators eventually lost that game to the Dodge Ballers’ 8, however, but it was a great match and the crowd gave O’Neil and his teammates a thunderous round of applause at the conclusion.

Along with the aforementioned teams, there were other imaginatively-named contingents including The No-Hit Sherlocks, The Flying Squirrels, The Greatest of All Time, and the Dodgetown Cowboys.

The crew that won the Best Uniform Award for the day was The Thunder Buddies’ team, which sported matching lime-green shirts, dark bandanas, tape-on mustaches, and hair that had been painted green.

The Police Explorers, who will be the recipients of the funds raised via the fun event, are a career-oriented club that gives high school students the opportunity to learn about the various aspects and branches of police and military professions.

“The money raised supports the Explorers so they can participate in various training exercises such as rope courses, firing ranges, weekend challenges, and educational training such as orienteering, map reading, and communications,” said Cohen, who is a Londonderry Police Explorer advisor.

The LPE Post 1137 group is based at Londonderry High School, but it covers the towns of Londonderry, Derry, Candia, Windham, Hudson, and beyond.


The repeat winners of the recent second annual LMS Dodgeball Tournament was the Raiders’ squad, consisting of from left, Cooper Bartlett, Jake McEachern, Tyler Kayo, Chris Tutt, Garrison Kriegl, and Alex Tsetsilas. Courtesy photo

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