$4M in Federal Funding Coming for Woodmont Sewer Needs

By Alex Malm

One of the new business items discussed during the Monday, April 24 Londonderry Town Council meeting was in regards to a community funding grant. This would give the Town funds towards building up the sewer infrastructure, and would mainly support the Woodmont development.
It was explained by Town Manager, Mike Malaguti, that they applied for a community-funding grant to help improve the sewer infrastructure, particularly for south Londonderry. He explained how currently there are two different providers that run the systems for the south part of town and one of them being for north Londonderry.
Malaguti explained that the north one deposits into the Manchester Treatment Plant, while the south one deposits into the Derry Wastewater Plant, which has limitations on how much could go there.
Malaguti said that the infrastructure challenges present limitations on economic development. He said for example one of the reasons things aren’t moving faster with Woodmont Commons is because of the sewer capacity.
“It’s important we continue to invest in this sewer infrastructure system we have in Londonderry,” said Malaguti.
He explained that the Town was recently awarded the grant through the Congressional delegation for $4 million in hopes of creating a sewer pump station near the Gilcreast and Pillsbury intersection. Essentially, it would be discharged into the Manchester system, which has no capacity issues.
Malaguti said that it’s a project that they have been talking about going forward with since before he became Town Manager.
“We really view this an opportunity to take this long sought after project and turn it into a reality,” Malaguti said.
While he said it would be a benefit for Woodmont Commons, Malaguti said it would also be a benefit for other economic development and community members.
“There’s a lot of reasons why we want to invest in our sewer infrastructure,” Malaguti said.
One question that was raised, was who would be responsible for the long-term maintenance of the project if they were to build it.
Malaguti said that it wouldn’t ultimately affect the tax rate because they have a sewer enterprise fund in town, which is funded through user fees.
Another question raised was what the total estimated cost would be. Malaguti said it would be around $7.78 million. He said that they are currently negotiating with Woodmont for additional funding for the project.
One member of the public who spoke during the public hearing was Ray Breslin, who felt that the project would mostly be helping Woodmont Commons.
He said that he thought they should be responsible for having their own waste treatment plant if they want to expand it.
He also noted that they are also facing issues with water infrastructure.
“We’ve got a lot to deal with here,” Breslin said.
The Town Council ultimately approved accepting the grant funds.