67 Townhouse Units Proposed for Gilcreast Near Hannaford

By Alex Malm

A conceptual discussion took place for a plan to build a 67-unit multi family residential project on Gilcreast Road near the entrance of Hannaford’s.
During the Wednesday night, July 12, Planning Board meeting, members heard from Tony Marcotte, who was representing the applicant, Genex Construction Group, on the idea of constructing the 67-unit multi family residential project at 50-52 Gilcreast Road.
Marcotte said that aside from Genex being the developer of the project, they would also be in charge of managing the property themselves after the contruction.
He said they were looking to build townhome style units on the two parcels.
“We’re proposing 67 two-story townhome units,” Marcotte said.
He explained that they would all be two bedrooms and under the town’s parking requirements they are required to have two parking spaces per unit, however, they would have a total of 142 parking spaces, which is eight more than required.
Marcotte said that the project is in the C-I zone and they are proposing to build three 16-unit buildings at first, which is allowed under zoning and then the rest the following year.
He said the proposal so far is for the units to be 20×40 units, which equal 1,600 square feet, and for they’re to be gutters and a slope roof. He added that some units would have basements, but not all of them.
Currently, the plan is to go with “earth tone colors”, but he said they could change as much as they want based on recommendations from the Heritage Commission, which they will need to go in front of when they submit their full plan.
Right now there is a vacant restaurant on the property, which they will be taking down, Marcotte said.
“That would be removed,” Marcotte said.
Marcotte explained that the majority of the frontage would have a landscape fence at the buffer and they may have a small patio area for each unit.
“There’s plenty of green space for recreation use,” Marcotte said.
As of right now, he said they aren’t proposing to have a sidewalk on Gilcreast and instead they would have internal sidewalks for people to move around the complex. They would also have public water and sewer.
Based on the studies they had done, Marcotte explained that they would have about four vehicle trips per day and one trip during peak hour traffic, for a total of about 260 cars per day.
Director of Engineering, John Trottier, said he thinks traffic is going to be a big issue and they should work with the other proposed developments in the area so they can include the future numbers.
About four vehicle trips per day and one trip during peak hour for traffic.
Planning Board member, Lynn Wiles, said he thought it would make sense to have some type of walkway to Hannaford’s, saying that people would walk over there anyways.
“I think people are just going to walk over there anyways,” Wiles said.
While there were concerns expressed about the traffic situation, Marcotte said they could be allowed to have a commercial use instead.
“A commercial use would be worse,” Marcotte said.
Planning Board Alternative member, Tony DeFrancesco, said he was happy about the possibility of bringing more housing to the area.
“The entire southern tier needs housing, this is a great way to do it,” DeFransesco said.

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