$88 Million Operating Budget Recommend by School Board

On a 5-0 vote, the School Board voted to send the proposed FY 25 budget to the Deliberative Session, and recommended for voters to approve it, during the Jan. 11 budget hearing.
The proposed budget, which is a total of $88,259,411, is approximately $154,000 less than the default budget of $88,413,544.
‘”It’s 154,000 larger than the [proposed operating] budget,” Superintendent, Dan Black, said about the proposed budget.
Black stated that one of the goals as part of the proposed budget was to limit growth over last year’s budget, which proposes an increase of 2.69% over the FY 24 budget.
“There were definitely some hard choices to get there,” Black said.
Another goal was to make sure the proposed budget was less than the default budget, particularly because they are planning on putting the Moose Hill project on the ballot along with the Support Staff Union contract, after reaching a tentative deal with the union.
“That’s a big ask of the community,” Black said previously about the proposed Moose Hill project.
The largest portion of the proposed budget is for personnel – approximately 81%.
With declining enrollment, a net of $621,699 is being saved by making cuts to different positions, including cutting four full-time equivalent positions at Londonderry High School, two at Londonderry Middle School, one at the elementary school level, one IT hybrid position, and one third shift custodian position. With retirements and resignations, Black said they don’t expect any teachers will be laid off as part of the reductions.
“That 100 kid drop is what led to some of our tough staffing decisions,” Black said about the staff reductions.
Out of all the increases over last year’s budget, Black said 80% of the increases are from approved warrant articles, which includes $915,000 for collective bargaining agreements, and $445,000 for the infrastructure bond. It also includes a $96,000 increase for the district’s transportation contract.
Black also pointed to “strategic investments” including $200,000 for a new Elementary Literacy Program, $30,000 for increased CTE tuition, $38,000 for electronic textbooks for advanced classes at Londonderry High School, and $58,000 for a field study.
Budget Committee Chair, Patrick Cassidy, said he was happy with the “lean” proposed budget.
“It’s great work,” he said.
The School District’s Deliberative Session is slated to take place on Feb. 9 with voting taking place on March 12.

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