Adult Education Program Graduates 32 Students

By Chris Paul

The Londonderry High School Adult Education Program held its annual Spring Commencement on Thursday night, June 2, and proudly sent off 32 graduates with their High School Equivalency Certificates.
Adult Education Director, Crystal Rich, welcomed families and friends to the event held at the high school gymnasium that evening, where 30 of the 32 graduates attended and received accolades for the achievement.
Superintendent Scott Laliberte and School Board Chairperson Amy Finnamore gave brief congratulatory remarks as the event got started, praising the students for overcoming obstacles they’ve encountered.
Student speakers at the event were Emily Boudreau and Mackenna Connors. Both thanked the Adult Ed staff and family members for their help and support through the process of getting their certificates.
Retiring Industrial Arts teacher Terri Rocheleau was the Staff Speaker at the graduation. She spoke of how lucky she has been to watch so many of “her kids” graduate over the years.
She said to the class graduating, “Life is a book we all get to write our own. Some of the chapters are great, full of love, adventure and great prospects. Other chapters, not so much, they have heart ache, loss and don’t always go our way. What we always need to remember that we can always turn the page and write a new chapter.”
She added, “Always remember, if things don’t work out the first time, keep turning pages until you get to a different outcome.”
Graduate Krytianna Chilles and LHS student Danielle Loschiavo performed the Class Song, “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus before the presentation of Scholarship Awards.
Three students received Kate Sherwood Foundation Perseverance Awards. Kayla Simard, Mackenna Connors and Ava Giannini were each given a scholarships.
Three $350 vouchers were also handed out to three students donated by Jim Choquette. Ryan Mague, Keegan Famisan and Emily Boudreau will be attending higher education in the fall.
Paul Perrone and Julie Poisson also were given scholarships for their efforts to help with their community college expences.
The ceromony concluded with the presentaton of the diplomas by Rich and Adult Ed Councilor Kaitlin Burkhardt.

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