Advertising Signs Not Allowed in Londonderry’s Right-of-Way

As residents tackle spring clean-up projects with Beautify Londonderry, they may find signs for local businesses in the Town’s right-of-way.

According to Code Enforcement Officer Richard Canuel, the Town’s Public Works staff is tasked with disposing of such signs, which are not permitted on Town property.

“Political signs are protected by State Statute. Unless they are blocking site distance at an intersection or causing a safety hazard, we don’t bother with them,” he said. “With businesses, you will see little lawn signs here and there. The most common are for tree services or painting. Those are not permitted.”

Signs advertising services placed along the Town’s right-of-way are picked up and discarded as trash, he said.

“There are times when I do call a business and say, ‘don’t post the signs.’ Most people don’t realize it’s not allowed in the first place,” Canuel said. “One of the signs I see most often are the ‘we buy houses cheap’ or ‘fast house sale for cash.’ I don’t really get a response for those generally.”

Canuel said there isn’t a set penalty for hanging the advertisements in the Town’s right-of-way, but they aren’t a major issue for the Town.

However, the signs are placed in the Town’s Right-of-Way on a regular basis.

The signs are most often posted at high visibility intersections, such as Pillsbury Road at Mammoth Road, and Mammoth Road at Litchfield Road, according to Canuel.

“It’s usually because someone sees someone else do it and figures it’s okay. There will be one sign and then you start to see more,” he said.

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