Airport Plans Relocation on Part of Ammon Drive

The Manchester Boston Regional Airport has notified the Town of plans to relocate a portion of Ammon Drive.

“For those who know the airport, it’s the northerly portion of Ammon Drive near the left that takes you to the old terminal. That portion of the roadway that runs parallel with the runway they are going to relocate to the south,” Londonderry Assistant Director of Public Works and Engineering John Trottier said.

The purpose of the project is to bring the airport, much of which is in Londonderry, into compliance with Federal Aviation Association standards for a clear runway object free area (ROFA), according to a letter to Planning Board Chairman Art Rugg.

The road, which sits within both the Town of Londonderry and City of Manchester, is completely within the Airport District, according to the letter from Assistant Airport Director Richard Fixler.

The Planning Board may hold a public hearing for the project, and the airport’s consultant, Hoyle, Tanner & Associates will be forwarding the Town a set of preliminary plans and specifications for the project, as well as a proposed construction schedule.

All construction will be in accordance with New Hampshire Department of Transportation standards, the letter said.

Additionally, the Board may issue nonbinding written comments to the airport within 30 days following the public hearing relative to the conformity or non-conformity of the proposed project with the Town’s standards.

The airport and its consultant will be available to present more detail about the proposed plans, specifications and the preliminary construction schedule, as well as to answer questions regarding the project, at the public hearing, Fixler wrote.

“Staff would recommend that we invite Rich Fixler to the Planning Board’s April 1 meeting so they can present it to us,” Trottier said.

“That’s what we usually do with the airport so we can have some input,” Rugg said. “They can do what they want because they’re a government unit, but I think it gives us and the community an idea of what is going on.

In other Planning Board business:

• Rugg reported he received a letter from the New Hampshire Department of Transportation detailing an upcoming project to rehabilitate secondary roads that will include work in Londonderry.

A 2.9-mile stretch of road improvements will take place on Mammoth Road, including a 2.4-mile stretch north from Robin Hood Drive to just south of the intersection of Kendall Pond Road; and about a half-mile south on Mammoth Road to the intersection of Route 28.

The project will include pavement reclaim and the repaving of the existing roadway, as well as corresponding shoulder leveling within the existing footprint and minor roadway slope adjustments.

There will be no major changes in elevation, road widening, or changes in alignment of the existing roadway, Rugg said.

Additionally, there will be no excavation outside the existing edge of pavement, drainage, or ditch work.

The deadline for contractors bidding on the project is April 14.

Rugg said he anticipates construction will begin sometime in the summer.

• The Board continued to its April 8 meeting public hearings on a lot line adjustment plan for the properties at 62, 86 and 88 Adams Road; and on a plan to add a patio with overhang onto the Stumble Inn restaurant at 20 Rockingham Road.

• The Board voted 5-0 to accept Planning staff’s determination that the site plan for Mammoth Road Self-storage is not a project of regional impact, as defined by criteria set forth by the Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission.

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