Amended Approval for Subdivision on High Range Road Gets OK

The Planning Board granted final approval to an amended lot line adjustment plan and subdivision plan for the development of several single-family homes on High Range Road.

In January, the Board granted approval for the lot-line adjustment between 77 High Range Road and 71 High Range Road, as well as the subdivision of the nine-acre parcel at 71 High Range Road for the development of six, single-family homes.

The subdivision plan includes development of a new, 900-foot public road off Quentin Drive.

Project engineer Eric Mitchell told the Board at its March 2 meeting that nothing has changed to the plans they originally approved.

“The properties involved are owned by two different people and the property owner cannot sell the land to the applicant without having the plan recorded,” he said. “We would like to separate the lot line adjustment plan from the subdivision plans to allow the Town to sign and record the plans individually. This is basically housekeeping.”

Residents had expressed concerns related to the potential for the new development and road to increase drainage and the salinity of water flowing onto their properties.

The Board assured abutters the developer must complete drainage improvements that ensure the amount of water draining to neighboring properties does not increase as a result of the subdivision.

In other business:

• The Board continued to its April 6 meeting public hearings for the formal review of a lot line adjustment between the properties at 5 Continental Drive and 1 Continental Drive; as well as for formal review of a site plan amendment to construct a two-story office addition at 1 Continental Drive and West Road.

The applicant, Continental Paving, requested the public hearings be continued.

The public hearings will be held at 7 p.m. in the Moose Hill Council Chambers at Town Hall

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