Andy Mack Jr. is New Owner of Mack’s Moose Hill Orchards

Mack’s Apples announced Tuesday afternoon, Aug. 4, that the farm will be passed on to new ownership.

Keeping alive a tradition dating back to the 18th Century, Andrew C. Mack Sr. said he is passing ownership to his son, Andrew Mack Jr., and daughter-in-law, Carol Mack.

“I’m certainly excited to pass this on because I’m the seventh or eighth generation passing on the farm,” he said. “It has been in the family since 1752, and so there’s quite a tradition that goes in being in charge of the farm.

“I’m old enough to retire,” he continued. “You can do something well for only so long, and it’s time someone else got a chance to do it. My son Andy has always chosen to do things differently, but I look forward with excitement for what is happening.”

According to the Mack’s Apples website, in 1732 John Mack came to what is now Londonderry from Londonderry, Ireland with his wife, Isabella Brown. The area, then known as Nutfield, contained a plot of land belonging to Matthew Thornton, and the Macks grew potatoes and other crops, raised cattle, and grew apples, a tradition that has continued to this day.

Mack Sr. formally registered Moose Hill Orchards in Londonderry with the New Hampshire Corporation Division in 1962.  Today, it is a farm of approximately 400 acres, of which 100 acres are just for apples.

Andrew Mack Sr. said he has enjoyed serving the community and will continue to pursue interests in the Town in his retirement.

He added that this year’s harvest is expected to be “a magnificent crop,” and that it will be a great way for Andrew Jr. and Carol Mack to start off their new ownership.