Arts Council Chairman Reviews Cultural Activities

Londonderry Arts Council Chairman Jason Williams outlined the council’s activities for the Town Council this week.
“We are in our ninth year of presenting three shows a year,” he said, listing the November Art in Action, hosted annually at Mack’s Apples and in its third year at Shady Hills nursery as well. “We have two venues and we have five artists showing at Mack’s and 12 showing at Shady Hills.”

Williams said the November show covers two days.
“It showcases the local artists from the surrounding areas, including mostly those from Londonderry,” he said. “The catch with the show is that you have to showcase what you do, so if you’re a painter, you have to set up an easel and paint, and if you’re a sculptor, like myself, you have to sculpt. It gives a bridge to the audience to see the process and what goes into it.”
Williams noted that the annual September Art on the Common event was a “great success” this year.
“On top of that we also have the concert series that we host each summer called Concerts on the Common, and we bring local acts and different acts from around the area to showcase and enrich the community through music. Right now we’re expanding and trying to bring new ventures and new opportunities for local artists and a growing community of art lovers,” Williams said.
He said the Arts Council was trying to work with the Theater Factory to bring in a professional theater group to Londonderry, something he said would benefit everyone in the community, professionally, business and leisure.
“On top of that we are looking at new venues for hosting new events,” he said. “Right now we’re trying to work something out with the Historical Society to have a new media show for contemporary art works, including video artwork, compilation pieces and more contemporary pieces.”
Williams said they were trying to branch out with social media to entice people to the community.
“We also have a monthly show at the Leach Library where we showcase one artist with nine easels around the library,” he added. “We’re excited and continuing to grow and spreading our wings into new areas. We’re trying to do new programs with different businesses and organizations to continue the enrichment of the community with the arts.”

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