Back to School

It seems like it was just Memorial Day last week, but somehow we are suddenly at the final week of summer vacation. Summer is coming to a close, and Students are soon going back to school.  School starts next week, and the shadows of late summer bring the unmistakable message that the season is on the wane. It may be too hot to think about winter clothing, but the time for scarves and hats and boots will be here before we know it.

But even as one season fades, the opening of the school year brings with it a sense of everything new once again. The collection of empty notebooks, sharpened pencils, new pens, and for the younger set, untouched crayons carries with it an excitement about things to come.

From pre-school to college and beyond, it is the time for fresh starts and new adventures. And for those of us long past worrying about the first day of school, we nevertheless have our memories. With budget in place, this year will have it’s changes, as in the past, although compared to schools in many other parts of the country, ours are well staffed, programs such as art and music are not considered luxuries nor should they be and our buildings are in good shape. It’s likely that our children will continue to learn, grow and thrive, even with any changes all thanks to active parents whether it is volunteering, PTA’s, PTO’s, coaching and doing what ever is needed to be done to create a great environment for kids to learn and grow. We may not have everything we would want in our schools but that does not stop the passion of knowledge from happing.

The start of school also brings a word of caution. Children will be walking along the edge of roads and in crosswalks, and drivers will need to watch the road even more carefully than usual. That means paying attention; putting down the phones, pause the texting, reducing your speeds in designated school zones, and watching for school buses signaling their stops. There is no place you could be going that is more important than a life. Now more than in the past due to all of the construction and added development in our towns; lets face it we have a lot more cars, trucks, and overall traffic.

For parents, the start of the school year brings feelings of nostalgia, and the reality that years which are passing can’t be avoided. But there’s nothing like the opening of school to remind us of all we have yet to learn, and of the excitement that knowledge of new things can bring. So pay attention and enjoy the ride.

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