Be an Informed Voter

Next Tuesday, Sept. 13 is the State Primary Election, bringing with it the usual puzzlement over the requirement for partisan ballots.

If you are registered Republican, you vote on the Republican ballot. If registered as a Democrat, you get the Democrats’ ballot.

While in most cases the Democrats’ ballot is less interesting – fewer contested races – that doesn’t negate the importance of casting a ballot. And there are indeed some contests, particularly for Governor.

There’s more to choose from on the Republican ballot, and we’re delighted to see that 18 GOP members put their hats in the ring for the 10-seat State Representative race in Derry.

That’s a nice show of interest in the future of state government in New Hampshire. While that’s the most extensive list of candidates, there are choices in many other races as well.

The Primary will determine whose names appear on the November General Election ballot, where regardless of political party affiliation, we get to vote for our favorite for national, state and county office. And of course this year the national election is particularly important, as all of us choose our next President – even if it means voting for the lesser of two unappetizing choices.

We hope to see a high turnout in the Primary, rather than the usual lackluster effort at voting in anything but the Presidential Primary and Presidential election. We know there’s a difference in opinion in how the state should be governed, and it’s hard to comprehend why complaints are levied throughout the year but come election time, people stay away from the polls.

We let ourselves and our neighbors down when we ignore any election, only to find ourselves taxed out of our homes and represented by people who embarrass or upset us. If you have an opinion on the candidates, and we hope you do, Sept. 13 is the time to make that known in the voting booth.

And if you’re still undecided, pick up the phone and give a couple of political hopefuls a call. Share your concerns, and see how they respond.

This is New Hampshire, where we are welcome to have a say in how we’re governed – but only if we participate. There’s still time before the Primary Election to prepare yourself to make an informed choice. If you care about who represents you in Washington and Concord and Brentwood, take the time to learn about the candidates and be an informed voter Sept. 13.

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