Beautify Londonderry, Anti-Littering Advisory Merge, Seek Volunteers

The Anti-Littering Advisory Committee has merged with Beautify Londonderry to offer the community a more cohesive spring cleanup campaign.

“There has always been a lot of confusion about the Roadside Pride and Beautify Londonderry Town Cleanup events, and both are essentially doing the same thing,” Beautify Londonderry Chairman Kerri Stanley said. “We decided it’s in the best interest to merge the two groups.”

In total, Beautify Londonderry now has about a dozen volunteers working to organize and execute the spring cleanup events, which will kick off with Roadside Pride on the last two Saturdays in April.

On April 18 and April 25, residents are encouraged to participate in the anti-littering campaigns by volunteering to pick up roadside litter. Event coordinators will be at the high school gymnasium between 9 a.m. and noon on both days distributing supplies and giving instructions on which roads need attention.

No advance notice of participation is required.

Following Roadside Pride, the Beautify Londonderry Town Cleanup will be held on May 2-3. Residents who would like to participate should contact Stanley by email at or by phone at 860-9369 to discuss a project that would improve the Town.

Projects range from cleaning up litter along the road to landscaping public spaces by laying mulch, weeding and planting flowers.

“We provide all the flowers, mulch, gloves and equipment people need,” Stanley said. “We just need people to call ahead of time to say how many people are in their group, where they will be working and what they plan to do. We leave the bags with everything they need.”

And for those who are unsure of how they can help, member Maureen Pauwels said there are many recommendations for projects around town from which volunteers may choose.

In addition to seeking participants in the upcoming town cleanup, Beautify Londonderry is in need of volunteers to serve on the subcommittee to help plan the event. Meetings are held between February and June. Those who are interested in serving on the committee or serving as a sponsor of the committee’s efforts should contact Stanley.

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