Beautify Londonderry Enjoying Successful Clean-up Campaign

Beautify Londonderry announces that volunteers have cleared more than 230 bags of trash from roadways throughout town as part of this year’s clean-up campaign.

A total of 32 groups have completed projects or have signed up to clean along various roads in Londonderry, Chairman Mike Byerly said at the Committee’s May 3 meeting.

Londonderry’s 2016 “Roadside Pride” campaign kicked off on April 23 and is scheduled to run through May 22. Clean-up projects range from collecting litter along roadways to landscaping town and school properties, laying mulch, weeding and planting flowers.

Beautify Londonderry provides the equipment people need to complete their project, such as bags, gloves, mulch and plantings.

The planning committee got a late start this year, after the campaign was almost suspended due to a lack of volunteers and a chairman.

Byerly, who stepped up to fill the vacant chairman’s position, said despite the late start, this year’s Beautify Londonderry campaign “is on pace to be better than last year,” with several more weeks to go.

The Londonderry Trailways group completed its annual Rail Trail Clean-Up event on April 23, removing 100 tires and other debris from the portion of the trail that runs through the Cohas Marsh area.

Volunteers have also signed up to complete plantings at the Morrison House, and Beautify Londonderry committee members are eyeing Pillsbury Road on the way into Derry, West Road and Adams Road as potential locations for projects.

“Adams Road is our only Scenic Road. It’s a road you’d want to see cleared and looking good,” member John Loker said.

Beautify Londonderry members also agreed to begin planning for next year’s event soon in hopes of improving upon this year’s campaign and boosting participation in the community.

“Next year we will have more time to plan things out,” Byerly said.

With this year’s campaign running smoothly, the Committee agreed to cancel its June 7 meeting.

For more information about Beautify Londonderry or to sign up to complete a project, contact Chairman Mike Byerly by email at or by phone at 537-9551.


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