Bernie Sanders Makes Campaign Stop at Mack’s Apple Farm Stand

In what was a typical New Hampshire cold and rainy Spring Day, the democratic Presidential hopeful, Bernie Sanders made a campaign stop in Londonderry, at a very crowded Mack’s Apple Farm Stand.
He started out the rally by thanking local residents Kathy Wagner and Farm Stand owner Andy Mack, and went right in to tell folks attending, that is wasn’t about him, “It’s about you.”
Sanders, who won the New Hampshire Democratic presidential Primary in 2016, spoke to a crowd of about 200 people at Mack’s telling those gathered that, “Americans should work together to take care of each other.”
Sanders spoke about high priced prescription drug costs, and said the only way prices will come down is by the voice of the American people, “Real change happens when millions of Americans stand up and demand change.”

The senator addressed the idea of term limits by say, “If you have a vibrant democracy, not having billionaires buying elections, and not having governors, like the Governor of New Hampshire trying to suppress the vote, you have term limits because the incumbent doesn’t have an outrageous advantage,” but he went on to say he was not in favor of term limits.
Sanders went after President Donald Trump for his position on climate change, saying, “The president has to be out of his mind to think climate change is a hoax.”
Before Sanders took to the stage, Andy Mack Sr. took to the stage also addressing the climate change issue, wondering if the world would be able to overcome the issue.
Sanders main theme during the stop in Londonderry was about the voters, “We have to start worrying about each other, and working together for a common good.”
He went between fielded questions from the audience and making his own statements during the campaign stop, the subjects ranged from his thoughts on universal healthcare for all, credit card dept, immigration and the threat of war in the Middle East.
Sanders also told attendees he would protect a woman’s right to have access to abortion services, saying no one should be telling women how to make health care decisions.
“For me, there will be a litmus test: I will never nominate anybody to the
Supreme Court who is not in support of Roe v. Wade,” Sanders said.
He ended by saying the average American worker is making what they did about 43 years ago. “That’s not progress,” he said, “the fear is, that kids will have a lower standard of living than their parents.”
Sanders told the crowd that his campaign has over one million volunteers already, and hopes to continue with that strength.

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