Bi-Weekly Recycling Could Increase Collection of Recyclables

The Town will launch on July 1 a new bi-weekly recycling collection program that’s anticipated to save taxpayers over $1 million.

Londonderry entered into a five-year contract last year with Waste Management for solid waste and recycling, which came in with the low bids of $456,208 annually for recycling services and $1.2 million annually for waste collection.

The bids for waste collection and recycling are not adjusted for the cost of fuel.

The cost to the Town over the life of the contract to continue with weekly recycle pick-up would have been nearly $3.5 million, according to Public Works Director Januscz Czyzowski.

“We checked with other communities that participate in the bi-weekly recycle collection program and they were happy with the program,” he said.

Trash will continue to be collected curbside on a weekly basis and overflow bags for trash are available at Town Hall.

Although collections will be held less frequently, collections of recyclables may increase, as the bins to be provided to residents are more than double the capacity of the two 8-gallon bins being utilized, according to Czyzowski.

“Collections will be neater and cleaner, with less litter and garbage flying away, because the new bins are fitted with a lid,” he said.

In June, the Town will deliver to all households participating in curbside pick-up new blue, 96-gallon barrels for single-stream recycling items, which include paper, cardboard, plastics, glass and cans.

A “Recycling Collection Schedule” is to be provided with the barrel to each resident, and will indicate which week recycling will be collected. That information will also be posted on the Town’s website.

Czyzowski said the Town will arrange to provide free an extra bin for additional capacity to households of six or more people, as well as those who recycle more on a case-by-case basis.

“We want people to recycle as much as they can,” he said.

As in the previous recycling contract, bulky plastic items (large toys, barrels, lawn furniture, etc.) may be disposed of at the Drop-Off Center free.

Residents may also dispose of unwanted 8-gallon bins previously used for recycling at the Drop-Off Center free.

For more information, including a complete list of accepted recyclables, visit the Town’s website at

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