Birch Tree and EES Continue to Vie For Top Position in 50-and-Over Softball League

The action in the Londonderry 50-and-Over Softball League continued to be intense over the last two weeks, with

The Birch Tree Counseling Center squad managing to maintain its grasp on first place with the Efficient Energy Systems crew doing its all to keep pace and the Justin Time Snacks Eagles and Rocco’s Pizza working hard to stay in the hunt.

In Tuesday, July 11 play, Birch Tree pushed its record up to a fine 6-2 and its league-leading point total to 12 with a successful effort against the Eagles.

The Birch Tree bunch bagged a 20-15 victory over the pesky Eagles in that evening’s late game, leaving the latter contingent contemplating its third place record of 3-4 and six total points.

In the early contest, the second place Efficient Energy Systems crew had bumped its season record up to 4-3-1 (nine total points) with a 21-11 victory over the scuffling Rocco’s Pizza mob (1-5-1).

Exactly a week later on the night of Tuesday, July 18, EES hammered its way to an 18-3 thumping of the Eagles. But the pace-setting Birch Tree bunch found its hands full with the Rocco’s squad, with the first place team finally managing to walk off with a hard-fought, 9-8 edging of Rocco’s.

Hence, when July 18 play was complete, Birch Tree sat in first place with a 7-2 record and 14 points, EES was second at 5-3-1 with 11 points, the Eagles were third at 3-5 with six points, and Rocco’s continued to work diligently to climb back into the competitive fray with a 1-6-1 record and three points.