Board Approves Temporary Classrooms For North School

By Alex Malm

The School Board reviewed a proposal for a temporary classroom space at North School during its April 18 meeting.
It was explained during the previous meeting by Superintendent, Dan Black, that with the budget passing in March they would be able to move forward with the temporary classroom space. The decision the School Board had to make was what financing route they should go, which included buying it outright or leasing it.
The proposal made by the district administration was to go with the refurbished less than two years old 28×52 unit. It was noted that the new cost would be $222,626, but the refurbished price is $161,875.
However, at the April 4 School Board meeting, it was proposed by School Board Chair, Bob Slater, to wait a meeting before making a decision in order to address concerns.
One of the concerns raised during the previous meeting by Slater was whether or not the materials used would be good to block out the noise being made from the music courses.
Black told the School Board on April 18 that they went and looked at the specs again and said they “feel really good” about it.
“There’s plenty of insulation to dampen the noise,”Black said.
One question raised by School Board member, Amanda Butcher, was whether or not the temporary classroom location would impact the drop off line at the school.
Facilities Director, Alan Miller, said they would have more than enough room needed.
School Board member, Kevin Gray, said he thought the layout worked well for the area.
“The layout looked good to me,” Gray said.
Slater stated that he visited the school with Principal, Paul Dutton, and discussed the proposal, saying he was in favor of moving forward.
The School Board voted unanimously in favor of approving the seven year lease proposal with an option to buy.
After paying $30,000 up front as a down payment, the district is expected to spend $22,367 a year with the total purchase price costing $161,875. The district will need to pay about 5% per year for interest. The total amount of interest expected to be paid over the course of the contract is $24,693.
It was pointed out during the previous meeting that it would take approximately 18-20 weeks to get.
Miller said previously that the temporary classrooms have a life expectancy of about 30 to 50 years if they are maintained properly.

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