Budget Committee Looks at Community Service Requests

By Monique Brand

A unanimous vote resulted in 13 nonprofits moving forward to receive federal funding.

During the budget committee’s regular meeting on Oct. 28, the group went over each applicant’s request and voted on how much they will distribute.

The overall amount requested by the applicants was $83,700. Committee Chair Chad Franz said the committee is only allotted $50,000 for “nonprofits 501c3 organizations that Londonderry residents are able to benefit from the services provided.”

“Each year we have cleaned up the process. We used to have people come in and present to the budget committee and we have transitioned due to COVID-19 and I think that process works pretty well regarding in how we do it,” Franz said.

The applications are submitted online and questions that are typically asked in-person through the committee were also conducted online.

During the meeting when asked if discussion was appropriate after reading each applicant’s request, Vice Chair Jonathan Kipp responded: “each of the agencies submitted their information for us to review individually.”

“So for my perspective, I took that into account on my recommendation on the amount of money each agency should receive. So unless there’s some strong opinions … I think that it is important that we can be assured that each of these community service organizations receive a high rate from Charity Navigator. But these (organizations) seemed to be well deserving,” Kipp told the committee before the vote.

Member Tim Siekmann said all were “well qualified.”

Steve Breault also echoed the same views adding “all the information we have that supported the applications was very thorough; so I think we have the information that we needed to make a decision.”

The following applicants were approved for less than requested:

Harbor Homes for $2,149 out of its original request for $5,000

Rockingham County CAP for $6,182 out of its original request of $12,000

YMCA for $5,899 out of its original request of $10,000

Upper Room for $7,529 out of its original request of $12,000

Sunshine Soup Kitchen for $8,944 out of its original request of $20,000

Community Caregivers for $5,689 out of its original request of $11,000

Isaiah 58 for $2,499 out of its original request of $5,000

Waypoint Cares for 2,062 out of its original request of $3,000 and duplicate request for $2,500, and Home and Hospice for $1,471 out of its original request for $1,500.

The budget committee granted more than requested to some applicant’s requests.

Rockingham Nutrition received $4,629; the nonprofit requested $4,400. Big Brothers/Big Sisters received over $114 more than its original $1,000 request. RSVP Friends Group will get more than $200 over its $800 request and the committee added $829 more to its $1,000 request.

The next step is for the committee to present their recommendations to the town council for a final vote.

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