Charter Amendment on Town Treasurer Sent To Warrant

By Alex Malm

After discussing it breifly during two previous meetings, the Town Council voted to put a Charter Amendment on the March ballot during their Dec. 19 meeting.
The ballot question would ask voters to decide if they should continue to have an elected Town Treasurer or have that position become appointed by the Town Council.
It was previously explained by Town Manager, Mike Malaguti, that by going with an appointed one, they would have more control of who is chosen and be more in line with communities the size of Londonderry.
“It is something that the finance director and I believe should be at least considered,” he previously explained.
Finance Director, Justin Campo, previously explained that while the town has been lucky having people who run for the seat and have won being qualified, they could also have people who could run and aren’t qualified.
Some of the roles of the Town Treasurer include being responsible for deposits, verifying that purchasing is being done properly, and staying in compliance with all the other RSAS that are financially based, according to Campo.
Town Councilor, Deb Paul, argued that it’s important to have people from the outside looking at what is happening within the government.
Paul explained during the previous meeting that while she thinks the current Administration is doing a good job, there will be different people one day.
“I still think it’s good to have someone from the outside not in the building looking in,” said Paul.
She also argued that unless there is actual proof there were concerns in the past about something not being done correctly or people who weren’t qualified trying to become Treasurer then it should be left the way it is.
Multiple members of the public spoke against the proposed amendment during the November Town Council meeting.
Malaguti said that amending the town charter means submitting the proposed amendment questions to the Attorney General, to the Secretary of State, and the Department of Revenue Administration for their approval of the question being put on the ballot.
“We’ve been informed by those offices in a letter rescued last week that they don’t object to the proposed amendment,” said Malaguti.
Since the meeting, Malaguti stated they have received correspondence from state Rep. Kristine Perez who said she doesn’t think that the amendment is necessary.
Town Council Vice Chair, Joe Green, asked if the ballot question would be binding.
“If we put it to the ballot it’s going to be binding right?” said Green.
Malaguti said it would be a binding ballot question and if the majority of the voters vote in support of it then it would go into effect.
It was pointed out by Malaguti that the position would still remain a three year term.
With Paul and Town Councilor, Chad Franz, voting against it, Town Council Chairman, John Farrell, broke the tie voting in favor of putting the question on the ballot.
“Let’s put it on the ballot,” said Farrell.

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