Class of 2023 & Principal Bid Farewell to LHS

By Chris Paul

Londonderry High School held its Forty-Fourth Annual Graduation Exercises on Friday night, June 9, and presented 315 members of the Class of 2023 with their diplomas at the Southern New Hampshire University Arena.
The commencement began with a procession march from behind the stage, led by Marshals Cara Bound and Shelly Gagnon onto the floor of the arena surrounded by family members and friends filling the stands. The LHS Band performed “Pomp and Circumstance,” under the direction of Serge Beaulieu as they filed in.

The ceremony opened with graduate, Logan Bower, taking the stage and performing a guitar solo of the “Star Spangled Banner.”
Principal, Jason Parent, then gave the welcoming remarks and Academic Recognition for the final time as the LHS Principal. Parent will depart from the school this year and become the Assistant Superintendent starting this summer.
During his speech, Parent mentioned the class began their journey at LHS, in their freshman year, through a global pandemic that made it impossible to interact with their classmates. Their sophomore year transitioned out of quarantine, into half days of classes.
He said, “I hope you seniors see what the rest of us see in you. Your dedication, empathy for others, friendliness, positivity, and kindness.”
He also mentioned that over 90 percent of the LHS graduates were accepted to two- and four-year schools.
Parent also mentioned that seniors had received $178,551 in scholarships during the Baccalaureate, which was held the night before.
He finished by saying “So together, as we move away from Londonderry High School, a home that has been so good to all of us, remember you can always return and be well received by the people who supported and prepared you to leave it in the first place.”
The class Valedictorian, Dylan Wrisley, was then asked to address his classmates. He began by thanking everyone that supported him during his time at LHS. He warned the graduates that life only guarantees two things, obstacles and opportunities. These will take the form of hardships and everyday life.
He added that obstacles, hardships, and adversity are gifts in the form of opportunities.
“Without obstacles, there is no opportunity for growth,” Wrisley said.
He also asked his classmates to appreciate those around them, accept what life brings them and forgive what has happened in the past.
He finished by thanking the class, saying, “You made these last four years nonpareil and I can’t wait to see what your amazing dreams turn out to be.”
Alisha Khalil then took the stage to give the Presidential Address. She told her classmates, “As I look into this crowd tonight, I see my classmates, but more importantly, I see a group of individuals ready to change the world. Be the change the world needs,” adding, “You are powerful, you are capable, you are in control.”
Following her speech, Khalil invited her fellow class officers up to present the Class Gift.
There was a LHS backdrop presented to be used for future photo opportunities. A “Senior Sunrise Banner” was also presented, as well as two corn-hole boards.
This year’s senior Class Officers were: Alisha Khalil, President; Ryan William Kraics, Vice President; Frank Allan Thomas, Treasurer; Isabel Sofia Schickler, Secretary; Olivia Claire Witkop, Historian; Aliza Khalil, Publicist; Rowyn Cecilia Ferraro and Meghan Jane Daileanes, Activities Coordinators; Lillian Nicole Binder and Alexis Tayanna Dawn Small, Prom Chairs, .
The officers presented two banners and corn hole boards.
Following that, graduates Rae Pizzi and Frank Thomas performed Taylor Swift’s “Wherever I Go”, “Never Grow Up”, “Long Live”.
Superintendent, Dan Black, then made the Presentation of Diplomas to the class.
Thus began the procession of the 315 graduates across the stage to receive their diplomas followed by the Changing of Tassels by Class Advisors, Brittany Borgatti and Mary Shank.

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