Commissioners Seek Details of Charges Against Reams

The Rockingham County commissioners are still looking for more specifics in an Attorney General (AG) led investigation into county attorney Jim Reams’s office, and are now facing a potential lawsuit if they don’t give Reams his keys back.
Reams’ attorney sent notice to the commissioners that he sought to have his keys and identification given back to him by 9 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 10, or they’d be facing suit.

According to County Commissioner Tom Tombarello of Sandown, that did not occur, and what the fallout would be was unknown when the Tri-Town Times went to press.
Reams has held the office since 1998.
Reams was suspended on the night of Nov. 6 because of what was described as an investigation into the managerial and operational issues in his office. That investigation by state and federal prosecutors was a surprise to the county commissioners and was prompted, according to authorities, by allegations made by a former employee of Reams.
Tombarello said that other than some information as to the accusations against Reams, which have not been released publicly, the commissioners are in the dark about the specifics.
Tombarello’s fellow commissioners are Kevin Coyle of Derry and Katharin Pratt of Hampton.
A commissioners’ meeting was scheduled with Associate Attorney General Jane Young, who is leading the investigation from the AG’s office, for, Dec. 10. It had been postponed from the previous Tuesday.
Tombarello noted that his largest concern right now is with the fact that Reams, Deputy County Attorney Tom Reid and a victim witness advocate are currently on paid administrative leave. Those positions all receive good-sized salaries, and thus Tombarello is looking for a quick resolution to the investigation.
Either bring them back or let them go, said Tombarello, so county business can move forward again.
Senior Assistant Attorney General James Boffetti has been serving as the interim county attorney since Nov. 6.
“It’s costing the taxpayers a lot of money,” said Tombarello. “Taxpayers and voters want to know what’s going on.”

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