Conservation Land Purchase Stalled by Many Questions

After over an hour of deliberation and input from the Conservation Commission and Londonderry residents, there was no decision made on whether or not the Town Council will look to purchase the 66.9 acres of land located along Griffin Road for the purpose of placing it into conservation.

The discussion took place during a public hearing at the Town Council meeting on Monday night.

The owners of this property are developers that are looking to either develop the property themselves or sell to someone who will develop it.

If the town of Londonderry were to purchase this land and have the Conservation Commission manage it, there is a strong possibility they would use the area to tree farm in the future, but not any time soon. With that purchase of the property from the town, it would prevent its future development.

If the town decides not to purchase the land then there is a possibility that is could be developed for new houses. The owner’s intention, however, is to develop the land. Whether or not it is finically feasible to build on the property is between the owner and his banker, according to Chairman Tom Dolan.

Lantern Lane residents also expressed their hope to keep the land as is for the wildlife. Residents have seen bears, mink, turkeys, deer, moose, and even a lynx. The pushback of the town buying the property is if it is the right price at $740,000. At the end of public hearing, the motion was made to move the discussion to a future date. It was prudent point during the meeting that residents of Londonderry choose this town, because of not just the school system, but also because of the aesthetics, wildlife, and apple orchids. If the owner of the property on Griffin Road were to build, it would mean added danger for the nature and wildlife living in that area.

The council also made clear that they will need more information on the values of the property before making their final decision, but they are hopeful to be able to purchase the land and keep it under the management of the conversation committee The town council will continue their discussion on the possible purchase of the 66.9 acres along Griffin Road at their meeting scheduled on Monday, Feb. 5. There does not, however, have to be a final decision made at that meeting and has the potential to be carried out into a future meeting. There will be more on this story as it develops.

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