Contested Race for State Representative in Republican Primary

The New Hampshire House of Representatives Rockingham County District 5 has seven seats open this year, and five of the current legislators have filed for re-election. Those five Republicans are Alfred Baldasaro, David Lundgren, Betsy McKinney, Sherman Packard, and Douglas Thomas.

In addition, five other Republicans have filed for the seven seats: Martin Bove, Roger Fillio, Franz Honer, Dan Lekas and Bob Rimol. The top seven vote-getters in the Sept. 13 Republican Primary will be on the ballot in November, going up against the six Democratic candidates whose Primary is uncontested. Each candidate in the contested race was asked the following question: “What is the most important responsibility of a state representative?”

Al Baldasaro
Age: 59
Occupation: Retired U.S. Marine and former Human Resource manager.
Years in the District: 16
Answer: “I am a retired Marine, a five-term State Representative. I’ve sponsored/co-
sponsored many laws dealing with liberty, preventing burdensome regulations, fair share
education funds, protecting our Constitutional rights, family values and protecting the
elderly from abuse. I make sure government is held accountable and doesn’t waste tax

Martin “Marty” Bove
Age: 66
Occupation: Retired
Years in the District: 33
Answer: “You represent all your constituents, attend as many House sessions and
committee meetings as you can, listen first, then voice your support or concern in an
honorable and respectful manner, become as effective a legislator as you can, learn the
process, be a part of the solution, keep everything in perspective.

Roger Fillio
Age: 72
Occupation: retired
Years in the District: 40
Answer: “I will represent the people of District 5 Londonderry by: Attending all
legislative sessions and Committee hearings assigned to me; I will read all bills before
voting on them; communicate with and listen to the people of my district; and I will not
forget who I represent and work for.”

Dan Lekas
Age: 43
Occupation: Small business owner
Years in the District: 14
Answer: “As State Representative, I would bring a fresh, youthful perspective to the
issues concerning families in Londonderry, drug abuse, protecting the elderly and our
veterans, as well as the education of our children, to name only a few of the challenges

Betsy McKinney
Age: 77
Occupation: Retired accountant
Years in the District: 72
Answer: “The most important responsibility is to remember who sent then to Concord.
No lobbyist, seatmate or party leader voted for you; their information is valuable but the
reason to be there is to represent Londonderry and your constituents, i.e.: those who
voted for or against you and maybe didn’t even vote. Do the best you can and hope you
get it right.”

Bob Rimol
Age: 53
Occupation: president, Rimol Greenhouse Systems
Years in the District: 22
Answer: “The most important responsibility as a state representative is to not only have
good attendance at session days and committee hearings but also to make positive
contributions on policy and proposed legislation and to help move New Hampshire
forward with its vision for the future.”

Doug Thomas
Age: 66
Occupation: State Representative
Years in the District: 11-plus
Answer: “To protect the rights of the residents of Londonderry and the state in
accordance with my principles for which I was elected, including fiscal responsibility,
policies promoting business and protecting those on fixed incomes, supporting local and
parental control of schools and reducing governmental mandates on daily lives.”
Not responding to the Londonderry Times were: Franz Honer, David Lundgren and
Sherman Packard.
Senate District 14
Incumbent Senator Sharon Carson and Ludwig Haken are on the Republican Primary
ballot for State Senate. The winner will face Democrat Tammy Siekmann in November.

Sharon Carson
Age: 58
Occupation: Adjunct Professor, Nashua Community College
Years in the District: 27
Answer: “My most important responsibility as a State Senator is to represent all
constituents in my district. That means listening to their concerns, bringing their voice to
Concord, and helping solve problems. I weigh every vote I take on how it would impact
the citizens of District 14.”
Haken did not respond to the question or information request, but sent in his campaign

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