Council Approves $3,417 in Maintenance Expenditures

The Town Council unanimously approved the expenditure of $3,417 from the Expendable Maintenance Trust Fund for the following repairs Monday night:

• Replacement of an exterior air conditioner condenser. Town Manager Kevin Smith said the unit was losing Freon and from past experience in attempting to repair the leaks in a condenser unit, it would be less expensive to replace the unit. Cost to remove and properly dispose of the old unit and purchase the new condenser, and the labor to install it, is $2,862.

• Repairing the Town Hall attic dry sprinkler system. Smith said multiple pinhole leaks were found in the pipe causing air to leak out of the system. Cost for labor and material for a temporary patch on the multiple pinholes until the pipe can be replaced is $555.

Councilor Jim Butler asked if there had been any damage, and Administrative Support Coordinator Steve Cotton said the fire alarm tripped and the dry system filled with water. Cotton said that resulted in minimal damage, and several ceiling tiles had to be replaced.

“Due to various changes in climate conditions, the pipe should have been galvanized,” Cotton said.

In other business Monday night:

• The Council accepted the resignation of Ann Chiampa from the Heritage Commission.

On the following day, the Town officially announced an opening on the Heritage Commission and is seeking applicants. For more information about the position, contact Kirby Wade at 432-1100, ext. 120, or email:

• The Council voted unanimously to waive the first reading of the discontinuance of a portion of Pettengill Road and scheduled the second reading and public hearing on the matter on Oct. 20.

• The Council had a first reading on an amendment to the sale, possession and display of fireworks and scheduled a public hearing on the matter for Oct. 6.

• Liberty Utilities’ Dan Saad was welcomed to Londonderry and said the utility served 50 communities in New Hampshire with electric and gas service. It is located in the former Blue Seal corporate headquarters building on Buttrick Road.

• Residents Gerry and Claudet Adams of 54 Hall Road spoke during Public Comment in their continued efforts to block the re-licensing of Murray’s Auto Recycling on Hall Road. Chairman Tom Dolan said their comments would have to be general in nature and that no specific arguments should be made, as Edward Dudek, owner of Murray’s, was not present.

The couple alleged late deliveries and vehicles parked outside the fence, and Dolan reminded them that they should keep their comments general.

Claudet Adams asked if the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (DES) report that she said deals with contamination at the site would be put on the Town’s web site. Dolan said the DES issue was not part of the town’s jurisdiction and would not be appropriate for the Town web site.

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