Council Postpones Decision on Naming Recreation Commission Alternate

The Town Council tabled a vote Monday night to appoint a new alternate member to the Recreation Commission.

Applicants Hector Ortiz and Todd Ellis interviewed for the position at the Council’s March 7 meeting.

Ortiz, who has served as an athletic coach for baseball and football teams in town, said he is seeking the opportunity to learn more and contribute to Londonderry.

“I just want to be involved as much as I can,” he said.

Although his son plays for the Londonderry Athletic and Field Association (LAFA) and he serves on the Londonderry Wildcats Board, Ortiz told the Council he wouldn’t have a conflict of interest serving on the Commission.

“My son is involved as a player, but I’m no longer a coach. If a decision needs to be made, I would do what’s best for the community, and especially for the youth,” he said. “I have always believed in doing the right thing – good, bad or indifferent. I’m an unbiased person.”

“With you being on the board of the Wildcats, can you honestly make a good decision for both (the Wildcats and the Blue Lions)? Because this has been a conflict,” Councilor Jim Butler said.

“I run the football side and the Blue Lions have to do with cheer. Our cheer is completely separate from football. I really don’t know much about cheer,” he said. “I personally hate the argument between both organizations because it’s about the children.”

When asked, Ortiz told the Council he has not been to a Recreation Commission meeting and would be open to serving on another board or commission.

“Whatever opportunity I can have to support this Town,” he said.

Also interviewed for the alternate position was Todd Ellis, president of the Londonderry United Soccer Club and high school soccer coach for 11 years, as well as a former third grade teacher.

“I’m taking your advice. You said to take the opportunity to volunteer and this position has opened up,” said Ellis, who has lived in Londonderry for about 20 years.

Ellis told the Council he served on the Litchfield Recreation Commission before moving to Londonderry with his wife to start a family.

“I have experience working with the Recreation Commission on various things,” he said, noting his children have played on various teams in town and he is familiar with all the Town’s facilities.

When asked about a potential conflict of interest, Ellis said he will do “whatever is best for the children.”

The Council plans to revisit making the appointment at its March 21 meeting.

In other business:

• The Council approved the expenditure of $7,922 from the Expendable Maintenance Trust Fund for the replacement of a motor in an HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) unit at Town Hall, snow and ice removal at the Senior Center and winter maintenance at the Town Offices.

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