Couple Proposes for Town to Beautify Our Forest

The Monday night’s Town Council meeting brought about a new opportunity for the public to get involved and potentially involve themselves in the town’s history.

Husband and wife Kent and Meredith Allen spoke to the Town Council about their new project entitled “Let’s Beautify our Forest.” The Allens are looking toward the future for 300th Nutfield anniversary next year and wish to do something special.

Kent Allen is in his seventh year of picking up and cleaning the town forest, which has been named “Kent Allen Forest,” of tree debris and clearing plants such as poison ivy.

For Meredith Allen, she is working to put together a volunteer organization to further enhance the forest: “Let’s Beautify our Forest”. This can be done by adding a number of shrubs, plants, and small trees to a designated area of the town forest. This will be accomplished by the donations of families, organizations, or businesses that would like to take part in beautifying the town forest. This is not only for this generation but also for many generations to come.

“This could be a way of bringing our community together for the common good and personal enjoyment for all,” Meredith Allen said. Unfortunately, the town only has one growing season to get this project underway and needs to begin as soon as possible. The Allens are looking for donors, contributors, and sponsors who are willing to take on the responsibility of maintaining their own “adopted spot.” It is asked that no artificial plants be used- only living materials may be planted. There has been a list created that pre-determines the plants that are acceptable and able to survive. This does involve a commitment on the part of the sponsor, who should take the responsibility as if he/she were planting it in his or her own front yard. The designated area was chosen specifically, because of the amount of light and moisture the area receives. This area is in the middle-low lands and would be referred to as “The Gardens of the Wood.” The Allens would like their participants in this project to tag their area with a small pre-determined format sign that would include their name, date of the planting, and the species of the plant.

Again, full maintenance of the area is expected by who ever chooses to contribute. At the end of the growing season, a blessing of the forest may take place, if desired. The sponsors are also welcomed to a group picnic on the Town Common to celebrate. “We believe this project “Let’s Beautify our Forest” as a community driven project, will be of historical significance to the town of Londonderry,” Meredith Allen said. “We hope there will be a lot of interest to be a part of it. Our guidelines, list, and contact numbers are available if they wish to see more or be involved in it.” Kent Allen also presented this opportunity to members of the Heritage Commission at their meeting last Thursday, who felt this opportunity coincides with their mission to utilize the town forest.

Town Manager Kevin Smith also agreed to help get the word out about this project to the community on the town’s website and social media platforms. Smith also said he would be able to help out in contacting local businesses that may be interested in adopting a spot in the town forest.

Anyone who is interested may contact Kent or Meredith Allen at (603) 432-8570 for more information.

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