Crossroads Plaza Mystery Solved

The discovery of a large and mysterious pool of blood at the Crossroads Plaza in early July initiated an intensive criminal investigation that ultimately determined the victim was a deer that had been struck by a car.

The Londonderry Police Department conducted an intense investigation of the incident, which took place at Crossroads Plaza late in the evening of July 7 or during the early hours of July 8. The Plaza, located at the intersection of Nashua (Route 102) and Mammoth roads, was considered a potential crime scene. After police arrived at the scene and the officers determined it was a potential crime scene, they shut down a large portion of the parking lot.

At the time, Londonderry Police Detective Chris Olson said the police did not have a victim, suspect, or any witnesses, but “evidence on scene indicates that there is a victim in this case.”

A large pool of blood in front of one of the businesses at the plaza was the heart of the investigation. Olson said there was also a trail of blood starting from a nearby ATM that led to the pool of blood.   

A preliminary test of the blood revealed that it was from a mammal, however further testing were needed to determine if it was human, said Olson.

“During the investigation, potential leads were developed and vetted,” said Olson. “Ultimately, additional blood tests revealed that the blood was not human blood. Further information led investigating officers to the discovery of a large deer that had been struck and killed by a vehicle in the area of Route 102 and Mammoth Road.”

The police investigation determined that the blood came from the deer that had been struck and eventually died, and that there had been no crime at the scene.

“This incident was investigated as a potential crime and given the same set of circumstances again, it would be investigated the same way,” Olson said. “The Londonderry Police would like to extend a thank you to the agencies that assisted us in this matter.”

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