Digital Learning Plan Under Discussion at School Board Haley Paton Dufour

Assistant Superintendent Scott Laliberte discussed the School District’s Digital Learning Plan at the Oct. 11 School Board meeting.

The purpose of the plan is to improve guidelines for the acquisition of software and hardware as well as the development of a district management plan to be submitted to the state.

“We’re using this as really a dynamic document, as a description of a process that we’re going through where we’re taking a closer look at what we use, how we use it, why we use it and in that way further substantiating what we’re trying to do going forward,” Laliberte said.

Laliberte outlined four key points of the plan that, he said, “basically summarize what we envision a successful digital environment to look like.”

The four points were: the use of technology as a key component in learning, the use of instructional technology linked directly to the learning function it serves, technology serving a crucial role in the efficient operation of the District, and effective integration of technology as an ongoing process.

The new plan includes the evaluation of new technology before purchasing it, instead of purchasing new technology and then determining how it will best suit the needs of students and faculty. Teachers and staff are encouraged to discuss technology ideas or needs with District officials.

Laliberte also talked about the efficient use of technology and resources for management of the School District.

“Obviously it’s a very important key to what we do day-to-day in the operations we do. So this is something we want to include in this plan and acknowledge up front that that’s a consideration for us,” he said.

A summary of the Digital Learning Plan is posted on the School District website at and community members are encouraged to review the plan and weigh in, Laliberte said.

A longer form of the plan currently being developed will be made available once it has been completed.

At the end of this year the District Technology Plan will be submitted to the State Department of Education, and “indexed to (the Digital Learning Plan) as well,” Laliberte said.

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