Discussion of Town Splash Pad Heard at Recreation Meeting

The Recreation Committee began their meeting this week outlining the budget and the status of the equipment that is in use.

Recreation Director Art Psaledas said that the committee has currently used up 57% of the budget. That is typical at this point of the year, because the fields are still covered for the winter. “Once the fields get uncovered, we’ll figure out what we need.” Psaledas said. “We’re in about the normal position for us.” The equipment that is also used under the Recreation Committee is also in good shape for the upcoming season.

Also discussed was the possibility of Londonderry getting a Splash Pad, a recreational area that has little standing water.

Psaledas has been looking into the possibility of Londonderry building a Splash Pad similar to the one in Derry at the Don Ball Park. The cost of inflation for construction is still not known at this time, but at 2% it would cost $98,000 and at 4% the cost would be about $120,000 to construct the park.

There would need to be a minimum of two people working the Splash Pad, one person to supervise and the other to work concession.

The big problem facing Londonderry right now is the water.

Depending on where the park will go in and what water they use, it could be a monthly cost of $3,000 to $4,000 to run the water. There are systems where you can recycle the water, but then you would have to test it, according to Psaledas.

Some communities even set up their own Splash Pads in school parking lots, but the cost of the water is still a factor. Kids and parents alike love going to the various Splash Pads around neighboring communities, but it is still in the early works if Londonderry will choose whether or not to put a Splash Pad in of their own. These numbers are also in the very early stages of development.

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