DOT Officials Present Update on I-93 Expansion

New Hampshire Department of Transportation (DOT) officials presented an update on the State’s Interstate 93 Expansion Project at the Planning Board’s May 11 meeting.

The scope of the work is to widen and reconstruct 20 miles of I-93 from the Massachusetts state line to the I-293 split in Manchester, including reconstructing Exits 5 and 4 in Londonderry, widening I-93, replacing bridges over I-93 in Londonderry and constructing a new park and ride lot at Exit 5.

DOT Project Manager Wendy Johnson said earlier phases of the project were completed sooner than the Department expected, thanks to a mild winter.

Work to be completed in the Exit 4 area includes widening I-93 to three lanes in each direction and replacing New Hampshire Route 102 over I-93, widening the I-93 bridge over Kendall Pond Road, constructing a new Beaver Brook Bridge and replacing the historic Ash Street Bridge in 2017.

The work is to be completed in 2020, at an estimated cost of $65 million.

“We haven’t figured out the phasing for Beaver Brook or Kendall Pond Road,” Johnson said. “We will be sending traffic control plans to the Town once that is finalized.”

Additionally, the Department is working with the Federal Highway Administration to sell the Ash Street Bridge, or the Robert Prowse Bridge, according to Johnson.

“Hopefully, if someone buys it, they’ll be able to reuse it,” she said, noting the bridge will be destroyed if it’s not purchased.

In addition to taking photographs, Johnson said they would try to find a way to re-purpose a chunk of the bridge.

The new Exit 4 bridge will be two lanes wider, according to the DOT.

Between Exit 5 and the I-293 split, the DOT plans to construct four lanes in each direction, as well as to widen I-93 bridges over Cohas Brook and Bodwell Road, to be completed in 2019 at a cost of $51 million.

DOT plans to widen I-93 to three lanes in both directions between Exits 4 and 5, as well as to widen the I-93 bridges over Stonehenge Road.

The project, which is to go out to bid this year, is expected to be completed in 2020 at a cost of $33 million.

With regard to the construction of Exit 4A, Johnson said the Department is assisting the communities to complete the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process, which is the responsibility of the towns.

Once NEPA approval is granted, the Department will work on procuring a consultant to complete the design.

“Everything is coordinated – none of the work we are doing for our project would preclude construction of Exit 4A,” she said.

Moving forward with the I-93 expansion project, Johnson said the Department will continue to maintain communication with the Town and provide information and updates about the project online at  HYPERLINK “”

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