Election Day Traffic Plan Intended to Ease Backups

Londonderry is implementing a new traffic flow pattern as a remedy to known traffic backups during elections. The new pattern is intended to help mitigate problems when school is also in session.

On Primary Day Sept. 13, voters will enter the Londonderry High School campus solely through the main high school entrance opposite the library. Vehicles will be directed to available spaces in the gym lot. Traffic will flow one way around the perimeter of the lot, and vehicles will exit at the same lighted intersection as they entered.

A shuttle bus will travel continuously from 3 to 8 p.m. between the gym parking lot and the Town Hall/Leach Library lots across Mammoth Road. These spots may be used if the gym lot fills up.

Campaign staff or persons supporting candidates are asked to park behind Matthew Thornton Elementary School or in the upper library parking area to keep the gym lot open for active voters. Voters are asked to heed the direction provided by Londonderry Police and ALERT – A Londonderry Emergency Response Team – volunteers. See map on page 19.

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