Londonderry Election Results

March 11, 2014 Election Results

Registered Voters –  15,918 , with 2,021 voting or 12.69  percent

Londonderry Town Results

Town Council (two seats)
Thomas J. Freda, 832 (WINNER)
Joseph V. Green, 1037 (WINNER)
Christopher J. Melcher, 732
John Robinson, 822

Moderator (one seat)
Cindi Rice Conley, 1511 (WINNER)

Town Clerk/Tax Collector (one seat)
Sherry Farrell, 740 (WINNER)
Adriana Komst, 595
Deborah Shimkonis Nowicki, 373

Library Trustee (two seats)
Melissa Coffey, 1051 (WINNER)
Cynthia Peterson, 949 (WINNER)
Raymond Brown, 619

Supervisor of the Checklist (two seats)
Christine L. Tighe (two year term), 1495 (WINNER)
Anne L. Warner (six year term), 1466(WINNER)

Budget Committee (three seats)
Dana Coons, 1382 (WINNER)
Tom Siekmann, 10 (WINNER) (by write-in vote)
Greg Warner, 50 (WINNER) (by write-in vote)

Trustee of Trust Fund
Vicki Stachowske, 10 (WINNER) (by write-in vote)


Article 2: Should Town Clerk / Tax Collector Position be split
Yes 1432 PASSED
No 431

Article 3: Expendable Maintenance Trust Fund: to appropriate $100,000 for the fund
Yes 1264 PASSED
No 703

Article 4: Fiscal Year Operating Budget raise $28,054,908 for the Operating Budget or $28,086,186 for Default Budget
Yes 1321 PASSED
No 628

Article 5: Fund Special Revenue Account, Shall the town raise and appropriate $490,322 from the police Outside Detail Fund
Yes 1469 PASSED
No 476

Article 6: To fund $2,629,815 for the Sewer Fund
Yes 1523 PASSED
No 426

Article 7: To fund $180,000 for Department of Public Works Garage improvements
Yes 1246 PASSED
No 716

Article 8: To raise $145,500 for Commercial and Industrial Assessment update
Yes 1046 PASSED
No 880

Article 9: Ratification of Extension of Collective Bargaining Agreement Between AFSCME 3657 and Town Of Londonderry
Yes 1171 PASSED
No 780

Article 10: Authorization For Special Meeting On Cost Items if article 9 is defeated
Yes 1354 PASSED
No 586

Article 11: $275,000 for the Roadway Maintenance Trust Fund
Yes 1327 PASSED
No 626

Article 12: Transfer of Town Forest from the Conservation Commission to the Town Manager
Yes 855
No 1026 Failed

Article 13: Town Resolution Relative To Political Contributions
Yes 869

Article 14: Special town meeting for costs items if Fire Department agreement is reached
Yes 1405 PASSED
No 495

Article 15: To transact any other business
Yes 349
No 1255 FAILED

Londonderry School District Results

School Board (two seats)
Nancy Hendricks, 1129 (WINNER)
Daniel “Dan” Lekas, 960 (WINNER)
George Tsekrekas – 876

Article 2: Bond Issue for Renovation and Construction of $4 million raise and appropriate $65,000 for first year’s interest
Yes 1235 PASSED With 62.7 percent of the vote
No 736

Article 3: School District Operating Budget $66,240,583 or Default of $66,545,528
Yes 1764 PASSED
No 171

Article 4: Londonderry Custodians (AFSCME Local 1801) Bargaining Agreement
Yes 1154 PASSED
No 811

Article 5: Londonderry Support Staff (AFSCME Local 1801) Bargaining Agreement
Yes 1113 PASSED
No 843

Article 6: Authorization for Special Meeting on Cost Items should bargaining agreements be defeated
Yes 1328 PASSED
No 623

Article 7: School Lunch Program and Federal Fund Projects
Yes 1728 PASSED
No 238

Article 8: Special Article To raise and appropriate $500,000 for School Buildings Maintenance Expendable Trust Fund
Yes 1195 PASSED
No 767

Article 9: Special Article for Equipment Capital Reserve Fund, should $100,000 be placed in the district Equipment Capital Reserve Fund
Yes 1259 PASSED
No 706

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