Election Voters Pass Nearly Every Article Last Week

According to the newly re-elected Town Clerk/Tax Collector, Meg Seymour, 2,082 registered voters out of about 16,000 voters went to the polls on Tuesday, March 12 to cast their ballots for several town and school district candidates and warrant articles. The two contested
races on the town side were for Town Clerk/Tax Collector with incumbent Meg Seymour’s 1,223 votes defeating Patti Hanley Maccabe who had 584 votes.

The other contested race on the town side was for Budget Committee, two-year term, with one seat open and two candidates, Gary Vermillion won with 762 votes over Glenn Douglas’ 705 votes. Candidates that won their seats uncontested were: Town Council (two seats), Tom Dolan 1,463 votes and John Farrell 1,373 votes.

Budget Committee, three-year term, two seats Ted Combes, 1,352 votes and Mark Aronson, 1,273 votes. Town Treasurer candidate Kathy Wagner ran unopposed and got 1,478 votes. The three candidates that were on the ballot for the three open seats for Trustee of the Leach Library were Pauline Caron, 1,373; John Curran 1,321 and Robert Collins 1,277.

There was no candidate for Trustee of the Trust Funds. The school district election also went uncontested with lone School Board candidate John Laferriere getting 1,534 votes, School District Moderator candidate Robert Saur receiving 1,604 votes, School District Treasurer candidate John Conley receiving 1,571 votes and School District Clerk candidate Mary Wing Soares receiving 1,536 votes.

Warrant articles for the town side:
Article 2 for the Expendable Maintenance Trust Fund Passed with a vote of. 1298 voting yes and 717 voting no. Article 3 the Fiscal Year 2014 Operating Budget passed with 1,421 Yes votes and 577 No.

Article 4 asked voters for $710,000 to be placed in a capital reserve fund which are already established to and authorize the use of the June 30 fund balance in the amount of $400,000 towards this appropriation. It passed with 1,152 voting yes and 846 voting no. Article 5 Establishing a Capital Reserve fund for cable division equipment.

Passed by a vote of 1,198 to 784. Article 6 The police outside detail fund also passed with 1,446 yes votes to 540 no votes. Article 7 Sewer Fund for $2,661,129 passed by a vote of 1,523 to 465. Article 8 The school resource officer (SRO) passed 1,051 to 961 votes. Article 9 The collective bargaining agreement between the town and Londonderry Executive Employees Association (LEEA) passed 1,361 to 627.

Article 10 A one year extension of the collective bargaining agreement between the town and the AFSCME 3657 passed 1,501 to 473. Article 11 for a special meeting if articles 9 or 10 was defeated, passed 1,349 to 625. Article 12: the Road Maintenance Trust Fund of $250,000 passed 1,249 to 746. Article 13 will appropriate $20,000 to conduct a zoning ordinance audit passed If passed by a vote of 1,281 to 680. Article 14 Rail Trail construction passed with 1,062 voting yes and 966 saying no.

Warrant Articles for the School District:

Article 2 The $4,500,000 Bond for the renovation and construction to district passed. Yes 1,147. No 876. Article 3 The operating budget of $66,052,167 for fiscal year 2013-2014 passed. Yes 1,823. No 163. Article 4: The school lunch program passed. Yes 1,809. No 229. Article 5 School Buildings and Maintenance Trust Fund. Passed. Yes 1,178 to No 833.

Article 6 asked voters to allow the school board to retain year-end unassigned general funds in an amount of 2.5 percent of the current fiscal year’s net assessment. Passed. Yes 1,491, No 517. Article 7 Create an equipment acquisition and replacement capital reserve fund in order to fund the acquisition of equipment and tools Passed.

Yes 1,007. No 995. Article 8 Vehicle and large equipment capital reserve fund for the purpose of acquiring buses, vehicles and large capital equipment needs used in the school district. Failed. Yes 975. No 1,027. Article 9 An expendable trust fund for the purpose of maintaining health insurance funds for the benefit of employees and retired employees of the school district Passed. Yes 1,089 No 907.

Article 10 To acquire equipment or services for added security to school buildings. Passed. Yes 1,197. No 837. Article 11 Varsity ski team funding. Passed. Yes 1,030 No 1,019.
Article 12 Easement over property at Moose Hill School to the Orchard Christian Fellowship for the construction of a connection to the public sewer line. Passed. Yes 1,505 No 505.

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