Electronics Company Seeks Permission From Zoning Board for New Sign

Concerns over potentially excessive signage on a local structuce kicked off the Londonderry Zoning Board of Adjustment’s latest meeting on December 20 at Town Hall.

Craig Moore, as associate with Barlo Signs, came before the board as a representative of Electronics for Imaging, a worldwide technology-based company with a facility located on 12 Innovation Way.

Administration for the facility was hoping to add a third sign on the rear of the building, facing towards Pettengill Road, that would cover roughly twenty five square feet.  However, according to zoning regulations in the area, the facility is only allowed to have up to one hundred square feet worth of signage on it; an amount that was already reached with two other signs.  Thus, Moore was seeking a variance for this matter, as well as a variance on a second rule about only having two signs for the structure.

The primary purpose for the additional sign comes with identifying the purpose of the facility.  Moore noted that the likes of truck drivers making deliveries and employees traveling to the facility for training have had trouble coming across the building in the past and feels that having this sign would alleviate this issue.  On top of that, the facility is the only building on the property and Moore felt that would heighten their need for identification to drivers.  Finally, Moore noted that the sign would have to be illuminated, as the facility expects deliveries as late as 7 or 8 PM.

“It’s more of an identifier for the building”, Moore noted.

Moore also noted the facility is set relatively far away from Pettengill Road, thus minimizing any problems the addition may cause.

Once the board began to start questioning Moore on the matter, Vice Chair Jacqueline Benard wondered if he knew of any other businesses that might be located there in the future, to which Moore stated that he was not aware of any.

Board member Brendan O’Brien was curious as to what other reasons the facility could have for such a board, to which Moore noted that there was also a relatively high elevation off of Pettengill that, along with local trees, continued to add to the issue of properly identifying the building.

Finally, Board Chair Neil Dunn hoped that Moore would agree to turn the lighting within the sign off after 11 PM, to which Moore agreed to.

After a rather uncomplicated discussion, the board unanimously went ahead and approved the variances.

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