Environmental Articles and Wetlands Discussed By Conservation Commission

The Conservation Commission’s latest meeting on July 11 covered wetland protection and working with various media outlets to spread environmental messages.

The meeting began with Paul Margolin, chair of the Solid Waste and Environment Committee, discussing ideas for collaboration between his committee and the commission to produce periodic environmental columns for the Londonderry Times. Margolin has already produced several “Going Green” articles which dabble on such topics, but would like to begin doing them on a regular basis.

Commission Chair Marge Badois stated that the commission would be happy to assist with Margolin’s efforts. The two parties eventually came to an agreement that the articles would mostly center on educating the public on environmental matters, with both sides handling six articles per year, each with pictures and illustrations and taking up roughly 300 to 500 words. Margolin noted that he would give the commission a couple of months to get started, as his committee already has several articles in the works.

The commission then entered discussions with Tim Ferwerda, a representative with Meridian Land Services, Inc., about gaining permission to alter two sections of wetlands that happen to be in the path of a drainage system that needs to be built for a new building being constructed on 44 Wentworth Avenue. More on this story can be found on page 1.

The commission also discussed its plans concerning the upcoming Capital Improvement Plan. According to Badois, one plan had been submitted to the town that would seek $5 million to purchase more conservation land for the town, with all funds going into the town conservation fund.

Member Mike Speltz noted that if the plans were to be rejected, it could eventually be resubmitted as a warrant article. Some members were concerned over whether or not the town would approve these projects, with Speltz stating that it has been a while since the commission has asked for money and the Town Council has voted twice against giving money for the sake of improving conservation land, leading him to believe that the council simply is not interested at the moment. However, the idea of pitching the plan as a response to more and more land being used up in Londonderry due to expansion was seen as a better way to sell the request.

In other news, the commission discussed an assortment of smaller issues concerning maintenance on a variety of roads and ponds, as well as the possibility of resurrecting a ranger position in response to residents around Tanager Way, Scobie Pond, and Kendall Pond voicing their concerns over safety and privacy around their homes.

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