F.W. Webb to Build Distribution Center in Pettengill Area

F.W. Webb has submitted plans to construct a central distribution facility just west of the FedEx building on Pettengill Road.

The 750,000-square-foot facility will be the largest new construction on the Tamposi-Nash property south of the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, according to Jim Petropulos, president of Haynor Swanson.

The neighboring FedEx facility is 310,000 square feet.

Presenting the plans in a Feb. 3 conceptual discussion with the Planning Board, Petropulos said they plan to submit two applications – the first for subdivision of the property to create an almost 75-acre parcel to be accessed by Webb Drive, which Prologis extended from Pettengill to Tamposi-Nash to provide access and utilities.

A subsequent application is to be submitted for a site plan detailing proposed construction of the distribution facility.

The company has 86 wholesale locations in nine states across the Northeast and employs over 2,200 people, according to Petropulos.

“They are looking to build a central distribution facility to service their 86 facilities,” he said. They have a site in Nashua, but it’s woefully undersized.”

The new facility would operate 24 hours, with two shifts of employees working in the warehouse and offices.

Petropulos said the 40,000-square-foot office portion of the facility is to feature conference rooms, a small cafeteria and other spaces.

It’s anticipated 220 employees will work in the warehouse portion of the facility and 50 truck drivers would come and go from the site.

Plans for the warehouse include construction of 40 docks to receive and distribute goods.

The project would result in 5,500 square feet of impacted wetlands, according to Petropulos. “We hope to make a filing later this month and will appear before the Conservation Commission and Heritage Commission,” he said. “The project is very similar to the way FedEx was designed and permitted several years ago, and with regard to some of the waivers we’ll be asking for.”

Petropulos noted the team moving the project forward “combed all over the state for the perfect site” before finding the property in Londonderry was an ideal location for its program.

Member Mary Soars asked if plans for the facility will include sidewalks or picnic opportunities that would allow employees to enjoy their breaks outside.

Petropulos said they plan to construct a gymnasium for employees inside the facility and there’s an area they are dedicating as a placeholder for a volleyball court outside.

Member Leitha Reilly said while she is concerned there aren’t more corporate campuses coming into the District, as the Master Plan calls for, she welcomes the company to town “with open arms.”

“We just worked really hard on that Master Plan and I wanted to see some other things coming in there,” she said.

“While I agree with Leitha, we’re very pleased to have such reputable people come in. So thank you for choosing Londonderry,” Soares said.

Chairman Arthur Rugg closed the discussion by noting a warehouse is the most tax positive construction that can come to town for the taxpayer.

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