FedEx Developer Allowed to Start Work Before Plans Complete

Scannell Properties, the applicant for the Pettengill Road area property that will eventually house a FedEx Ground Distribution Center, asked the Planning Board for permission to start construction prior to completion of its subdivision and road plans.

“All of the conditions of the site plan have been met but the subdivision plan and the roadway design have not yet been finalized and are not ready for final approval,” Town Planner Cynthia May told the Planning Board at its Wednesday, May 7 meeting. “They ask for the board’s permission to begin construction, with the provision that the subdivision and roadway design finalization and construction would be completed prior to the issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy for FedEx.”

May said the board had the waiver request and staff recommended granting the waiver. In addition, the board was asked to amend the condition to allow the plan to begin prior to the signature on the subdivision plan.

“And because this is a discretionary action by the board, in order for the plan to receive final approval or signature, the meeting was noticed as a public hearing, so the board would have to reopen the public hearing to clear the waiver and take testimony if there are any changes in conditions,” May said.

May said that without the waiver, the construction of the shell of the building would be compromised.

Assistant Public Works Director John Trottier said it was taking longer than expected to design the roadway and the lots, but the site plan was done.

“It’s very important for them to be able to get that shell up by the fall of 2014,” Trottier said. He explained that the town’s regulations don’t allow anything to be done until the plan is signed.

“So basically they are asking relief from that so they can get going,” Trottier said.

Board member Scott Benson asked Trottier if he saw any complications with the rest of the plan and Trottier said he did not.

Board member John Laferriere asked what would happen if there is an issue with the road. Trottier said the Certificate of Occupancy would not be granted until all issues were cleared.

The board voted unanimously to approve the requests for the waiver, and to two amendments to the conditions of approval regarding the subdivision and roadway finalization.

In other Planning Board action May 7:

• Chairman Art Rugg said he, along with Sharon Carson and Deb Lievens, were interested in re-appointment to the Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission. Their terms expire this year. They each serve a four-year term as full members. He said Leitha Reilly and Martin Srugis serve on the commission as alternates, with one-year terms each.

On a motion by Lynn Wiles, the board voted 6-0-1 to recommend to the Town Council that Carson, Rugg and Lievens be reappointed. Rugg abstained.

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