Fees Will Be Going Up for Dogs and Civil Marriages

The Londonderry Town Council has approved an increase in fees for civil marriages and dog registrations.

In the Feb. 6 Council meeting the Council held a second reading on the increases, presented by Town Manager Kevin Smith.

Smith said the town wants to increase the dog registration fees by $1 to each category.

An unspayed female or unneutered male dog 7 months or older is now $10 to license; unneutered male or unspayed female at least 4 months old but less than 7 months, $7.50; neutered male or spayed female dog 7 months or older, $7.50; $3 for senior citizens 65 or older, first dog only, additional dogs at the standard fee; and $3 for replacement tags for a dog 4 months or older.

In addition, all dogs must have proof of their current rabies vaccination and proof of neutering or spaying per RSA 466:1-a and RSA 466:1-b.

Council Chair John Farrell observed that it has been 20 to 25 years since the town has increased licensing fees.

The Council unanimously approved the increase.

Smith also spoke to the fees for the civil marriages conducted by Town Clerk Sherry Farrell.  “A couple of years ago, we enacted an ordinance to be able to do civil marriages, and we set the fee at $50,” Smith said. The service has exceeded expectations. “Never in our wildest dreams,” he said, “did we think that the Town Clerk would perform as many marriages as she does.”

Farrell does a “wonderful job,” Smith said, noting that she not only performs marriages during office hours, but will unite couples at night or on weekends if she’s available.

There are some expenses associated with the service, Smith said, and he recommended increasing the fee to $75, noting that it is still a bargain: “Manchester charges $100,” he said.

The Council unanimously approved the increase, with Councilor Tom Freda asking, “What would it cost to get Sherry to dress like Elvis?”

“That would be $150,” Sherry Farrell lobbed back.