Fight Club Prompts Town Council to Close Road

The Town Council voted to temporarily close a small cul-de-sac that overlooks the Manchester Boston Regional Airport during their meeting on Monday night, May 17, after being given a report that a “fight club” has started on that road.

The road is know by Memorial Drive, which is adjacent to the Pet Cemetery near the intersection of Harvey Road and Pettengill Road.

Town Solicitor Mike Malaguti and Airport Commander Chris Gandia presented a resolution for the temporary closure and gave the board some background on what’s been happening there.

Malaguti told the Town Council that the Police Department has recently been made aware of an unusual phenomenon taking place at Memorial Drive for a fight club.

He explained that because of the way the cul-de-sac circle forms a slight depression, it has formed a kind of fighting ring.
The large crowds that are forming there are also leaving a significant amount of trash behind in the area.
Malaguti explained that recently, there have been Jersey Barriers installed by the Department of Public Works to block the circle area on the road to prevent people from driving onto the circle.

He also added that there is still enough room for people to park if they are visiting the Pet Cemetery.
Malaguti and Gandia were looking to close the area temporarily until a more permanent solution can be reached and to install some “No Trespassing” signs.

Town Manager Kevin Smith asked what ages were involved in the fighting that was happening, and was told that the ages range from mid to late teens and also up to their mid-20s.

Councilor Tom Dolan asked if this was associated with some sort mixed martial arts type of fighting of just street fighting.
Gandia replied jokingly, “The first thing about Fight Club is we don’t talk about Fight Club.”
He added that there are referees regulating the fights and there are boxing gloves being used and they have their own “rules of conduct.”
He also explained that the activity has been going on over the past four weeks and are mostly done on the weekend.
Councilor Deb Paul asked whether or not they were breaking the law and could be arrested for public fighting. gandia explained that it’s considered “Mutual Combat” and they could cite them, but they usually just give offenders a warning.

The council was unanimous in their vote to adopt the resolution.

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