First Woodmont Home Plans Seen at Heritage Commission

On Thursday night’s meeting of the Heritage Commission, members reviewed five separate applications for hopes of approval and recommendation for the planning board.

The first plan presented was to create 28 residential lots in the Woodmont Commons on 15 Pillsbury Road and Gilcreast Road. The owner of the land is Pillsbury Realty Development, LLC and the applicant was DHB Homes, LLC. After some discussion between members of the commission, it was given the green light to make the recommendation to go forth to the planning board.

The second site plan reviewed was to consolidate and construct seven duplex residential buildings with associated parking and facilities, Five Horizon Drive, Seven Horizon Drive, Nine Horizon Drive, Four Button Drive, and Six Button Drive. The owner of this property is Team Business Development Corp. and the applicant was DHB Homes, LLC.

The recommendation will be made to the planning board; however some concerns were raised on how trash collection would be accessible without curbside access for the town to pick up. The recommendation was made to possibly put in a designated area for residents to put their trash and recycle bins out for trash collection day, but will need to be added to the plans.

The third site plan brought to the commission was for the construction of an 8,300 SF one story office building and associated site improvements on Two Kitty Hawk Landing. The owner and applicant is SWCE Holdings, LLC. The commission gave their approval for the plans with little discussion and welcomed the developers to Londonderry.

The most talked about item on the agenda went to the formal review of a minor site plan for changes to outdoor lighting to install LED accent lighting on the building façade at 27 Buttrick Road (Mr. Steer).  Buttrick Ventures is the owner of the property and Barlo Signs was the applicant. To meet town regulations, Barlo Signs made sure that the lights on the Mr. Steer building would not flash or change colors randomly. The lights themselves are visible but only when you are close to the property, so they are not blinding when you are driving down Route 102. A protective shield around the lights would also be installed. The only time the lights would change color would be four times a year (seasonally), but specific colors of those lights have not yet been decided. Some colors recommended were red (current color), blue, white, green, and yellow. The commission gave their stamp of approval to recommend to the planning board.

Finally, the formal review was discussed of the for a government land use for the installation of a three million-gallon water tank and associated site improvements to 14 Josephine Drive. The City of Manchester/Manchester Water Works is both the owner and applicant. There is already a two million gallon water tank, but they are requesting permission to add another tank for three million gallons. They are scheduled to meet in front of the planning board on April 4. The Heritage Commission agreed that as long as the color of the tank is kept the same as the tank currently on the property, they were OK with giving their approval to the planning board.

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