Foreclosure Delayed on Pillsbury Road Dwelling

Rockingham County Superior Court has given more time to the owner of 22 Pillsbury Road to avoid foreclosure. In a June 26 hearing, artist and former teacher Chet Hall was granted additional response time to make payments to halt the bank auction of his property.

Hall credits State Rep. Al Baldasaro, R-Londonderry with making that possible. The property, where Hall has lived for 13 years, was due to be auctioned June 17, but a court order halting the foreclosure was obtained with Baldasaro’s help at the last minute, as previously reported by the Londonderry Times.
“I’ve had 12 foreclosures on the property and thanks to Al, he was able to stop this last one,” Hall said
Hall went to court June 26 on the matter and a couple of days before the hearing was able to hire a lawyer with the help of Baldasaro.

“We’re going to sue Countrywide and Bank of America,” Hall said. The June 26 hearing resulted in an agreement by which Hall would make a $2,000 payment within 10 days, another $2,000 within the following 10 days, and a final payment of $6,000 within 45 days, for a total of $10,000 to stop the foreclosure. Hall said help is being provided by his brother.

“I’m trying to subdivide a lot of about 1.64 acres to sell to pay some of the money, and the town has been great,” Hall said. Hall said he tried to get a loan modification and after several calls and word that he would get the modification, he was told at the last minute that he could not obtain one.
“Right now I feel like a guy on death row with a needle in his arm, and he gets a last minute stay,” Hall said.

Hall said the house was built in the 1880s and he hopes to remain there.
“I even offered to take in renters to raise the money. I have a lawyer now, and we’ll see what happens,” Hall said.

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