Former Sports Board Member Arrested for Theft

Tanya Lemay, 37, turned herself in Londonderry Police and was arrested June 23 on a warrant for felony Theft and False Report to Law Enforcement, according to Londonderry Police Public Information Officer Detective Chris Olson.

“Lemay was arrested based on an investigation involving missing fundraiser money for the Londonderry Youth Football and Spirit Association (LYFS),” Olson said. “Lemay was a board member for the LYFS and was in charge of the fundraiser money.”

According to Olson, Lemay was contacted by the LYFS president, Ryan Ouellette, after approximately one month had passed without the fundraiser money’s being deposited into the LYFS account.

“She was confronted by the president of LYFS about why the money wasn’t put into the account,” Olson said. “It is LYFS protocol that any money raised gets deposited within one week. After Lemay was confronted, she stated that the money had been stolen in a burglary at her residence. Lemay then reported a burglary to the Londonderry Police Department. Lemay alleged that during the burglary, the envelope with the cash and checks from the fundraiser was stolen, as well as a few prescription pills from medicine bottles. Nothing else was reported missing and not all of the prescriptions pills were allegedly taken.”

According to Olson, she said the prescription bottles were full but there were three or four pills left.

“They (burglars) either take the whole bottle or they take one or two pills so you don’t notice,” Olson said.

According to Olson there was no forced entry to Lemay’s residence.

“During an interview, Lemay said she did not deposit the funds within the one week time frame because she was seeking approval to use some of the money for what she said was other league related items,” Olson said. “Lemay stated that she never did receive a response to her request to keep the money out to use for other league related items, therefore she used ‘about $200’ from it. Lemay indicated that she had saved receipts for the purchases.”

Olson noted that Lemay wrote an apology letter and letter of resignation to the league indicating that she had made a “huge mistake” when it came to the fundraiser money.

The total amount of cash and checks collected was $6,912.

Ouellette could not be reached for comment.

Lemay was released on $5,000 Personal Recognizance bail and is due back in 10th Circuit Court in Derry on July 14.

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