Funding Drainage Project Under Consideration for Town Common

The Heritage Commission considered conceptual plans for a solution to drainage issues on the Town Common last week.

Comprehensive Planner John Vogl said town engineers evaluated the property and have proposed installing a total of 400 feet of pipe to direct water that flows from the Presbyterian Church away from the bandstand in the direction of the apple orchards, as well as toward a brook located near Mammoth Road.

Public Works Director Janusz Czyzowski and Assistant Director of Public Works John Trottier estimate the project would likely cost around $200,000 to complete.

Ultimately, the project would be funded through a warrant article.

“The details are not there yet, but the process would be for us to talk about it, get our ideas out and get this into a workable presentation for the Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) Committee,” member Art Rugg told the Commission.

Vogl noted the project may also require the installation of catch basins on the Common, as well as grading of the site.

No further electrical upgrades are needed on the Common, but the Commission has discussed installing Wi-Fi.

Member Tom Bianchi asked if the Town would seek a second opinion from outside contractors.

Vogl said the Town is trying to handle internally as much of the project as possible to cut costs.

“It saves us money to keep as much as we can in-house,” he said. “The Department of Public Works can’t complete all the work, so some will need to be contracted out.”

The Heritage Commission, with input from members of the public, identified addressing drainage issues on the Town Common as the highest priority improvement for the property.

“It will be nice when you put your blanket down for a summer concert; it won’t get soggy,” Rugg said.

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