Green Mountain Messenger Site Plan Amendments Gain Approval

The Londonderry Planning Board listened to the Green Mountain Messenger amended site plan presentation by George Fredette of SFC Engineering, and with few questions, approved the applicant’s request.

The amended site plan brought to the board’s Wednesday, June 1 meeting sought approval to construct a new internal accessway, construct new parking spaces, and implement associated improvements at the 57 Harvey Road location of Green Mountain Messenger.

The internal accessway at the Harvey Road property is expected to improve traffic flow around the parcel. The 24-foot access drive at the southwest corner of the site would provide improved access around the building, allowing vehicles to drive around the building to the rear loading docks more easily and safely. No changes to the exterior of the 5,000-square-foot building on the 2.3-acre site are anticipated, and interior changes have already been effected and approved.

The biggest change will be the additional parking spaces, increasing the number to a total of 88 to accommodate both present employees and the anticipated growth of the Williston, Vt., Green Mountain Messenger company, a specialty courier and delivery service for car parts, perishable food and medical supplies.

When the conceptual plan was introduced to the Planning Board at the Dec. 9, 2015 meeting the only issue the planning board members raised concerned the 1,000 square feet of access drive that would impinge on a Conservation Overlay District.

At last week’s meeting, Fredette told the board that the internal accessway will have 5,965 square feet of buffer impact – 625 square feet impervious, 5,339 square feet for grading associated with the access drive – and the Conservation Commission has reviewed this and made a favorable recommendation for a Conditional Use Permit, answering the concerns raised at the December meeting by board members. The Town officials supported approving the Conditional Use Permit as well.

Fredette asked for two waivers in connection with his amended site plan, both of which were unanimously granted by the Planning Board after they were informed that Town officials recommended granting both waivers. The Conditional Use Permit requested by Fredette was also recommended for approval by Town officials and was unanimously approved by the Planning Board.

The Planning Board voted unanimously to approve the site plan prepared by SFC Engineering dated April 1 to construct a new internal accessway, new parking spaces and associated site improvements.

In other business June 1:

• The board approved Tammy Siekmann’s appointment to the Master Plan Implementation Advisory Committee.

Temporary Associate Town Planner Laura Gandia said the committee hasn’t met recently because its nine slots have not all been filled.

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