Hampstead Approves Fire Dispatch Agreement with Londonderry

The Board of Selectmen has unanimously approved a proposed Fire Department Dispatch agreement with Londonderry.

Hampstead Fire Chief Michael Carrier said concerns over escalating costs with the Derry Dispatch system drove his department to examine other possibilities, and found the best solution ended up being Londonderry.

The new agreement, approved Monday night, will begin July 1, as the Derry Dispatch agreement terminates on June 30.

Carrier, who previous to coming to Hampstead was Londonderry’s fire chief, said the new agreement with Londonderry Dispatch was no problem because the systems – both hardware and software – were compatible. He said that over the next three and a half years, the agreement was projected to save the Town of Hampstead $124,000.

He said he anticipates saving just over $7,000 in the first half year, with a more significant savings of around $33,000 expected in the second year of the agreement.

“We will be getting an excellent dispatch service and a significant savings,” Carrier said.

Selectman Rick Hartung moved to approve Carrier’s request to go with Londonderry Dispatch Service. He and Chairman Sean Murphy voted to approve the motion. Selectwoman Priscilla Lindquist was absent due to illness.

Londonderry Fire Chief Darren O’Brien said the agreement will raise over $100,000 over a three-year period. He said when Hampstead residents call 911, the call will go to the Londonderry Fire Department, and the Londonderry dispatcher will dispatch Hampstead units to respond  on a separate frequency from Londonderry.

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