Heritage Commission Review Large Plans Near Vista Ridge

By Paul Conyers

The Londonderry Heritage Commission had a list of new issues on their agenda for their Thursday, Nov. 17, meeting.
The first was for a site plan for 130 townhouses at 171, 175, and 191 Rockingham Road. The request also included another site at 71 Perkins Road.
Jason Lopez of Keach-Nordstrom Associates attended the meeting with land owner, Jean Gagnon, to make a presentation about the two properties. The two men also had a presentation for a separate design review to subdivide the same properties.
“These properties are located in an area intended for properties with both residential and commercial use. Jean is a residential builder, not a commercial builder,” said Lopez. “We talked to the Planning Board about separating commercial use.”
The original plan had businesses on the first floor, although two are now looking to remove the commercial section of the site to focus mainly on the residential part of the project.
“It’s all regular construction, all wood construction,” said Gagnon. “I haven’t gotten into colors yet; we’ll try to paint it a light color.” The Commission and Mr. Lopez suggested earth tones for the color.
The Commission requested more specifics, including the design and colors before the project move onto the Planning Board.
“I want to see exactly what we’re going to get,” said Town Council Liaison, Jim Butler. “Our recommendation is that those colors, all designs, and everything Mr. Gagnon presents must be part of the plans and signed by the Planning Department.
Butler praised the design, but emphasized his desire not to have any surprises during construction. The units will be for sale, although some owners may later choose to rent them out. The Commission asked the pair to come back with color ideas, a signage plane, and lighting.
The Commission had another presentation from Michael Cavanaugh of Rhino Capital Advisors with property owner, Charles Evans. Their project hopes to build 100,000 square-foot warehouse building at 26 Jack’s Bridge Road.
“We’re using natural earth tones, textured concrete, and stucco to give it an industrial park feel,” said Cavanaugh. The design had a clear plan to encourage drainage and minimize the impact on the surrounding wetland. “There aren’t as many intricate details as a housing design.”
The design is also “solar ready” so a future client can easily add solar panels to the roof.
Members of the Commission were impressed with the proposal.
“I think this is a great addition to our tax base,” said Butler.
Commission Chair, Krystopher Kenney, asked Cavanaugh to submit a separate signage plan at a later meeting to get a better idea of the result. The warehouse was approved as submitted without any objections.

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