Heritage Commission Reviews Action Plan for Apple Way

The Heritage Commission reviewed an Action Plan to reauthorize the historic Londonderry Apple Way.

“We’re looking for submission to the State Department of Transportation in February,” GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Manager John Vogl told the Commission.

Goals of the action plan include protecting the historical and cultural features of the Apple Way; encouraging the public to investigate the historical resources of the byway; ensuring the byway is clearly marked, safe and attractive for both visitors and residents; encouraging appreciation and protection of the area’s natural resources; expanding existing local businesses; encouraging recreational opportunities; and developing an ongoing management plan that includes stakeholders from throughout town.

To generate interest in the Apple Way, the action plan calls for informational brochures, maps, and other marketing materials.

Vogl said he is “not too interested in paper materials” and would like to focus on creating web-driven informational and marketing materials.

Additionally, Vogl said he would like to partner with the Chamber of Commerce to provide information about the Apple Way and to drive traffic to the website.

As part of the plan to ensure the byway is clearly marked and attractive for visitors and residents, members agreed to talk to the Public Works Director about a sign program.

Vogl said working with public works directors, road agents and the Department of Transportation (DOT) on establishing safe roads for cars, pedestrians and bicyclists is in the Town’s Master Plan, in addition to being on the action plan.

“The Trailways looked into extending a walking path from the Morrison House to Currier Drive,” he noted.

Member Ann Chiampa recommended installing a kiosk at the Morrison House to promote the Apple Way, which Town Council liaison Jim Butler said would make a good Eagle Scout project.

Adam Hlasny of the Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission (SNHPC), who completed grant writing for the Apple Way, asked members at the meeting for information about any improvements that have been completed on the Apple Way, including physical improvements and marketing materials.

Member Pauline Caron noted the Town bought vinyl signs that used to be located on Nashua Road (Route 102).

Physical improvements include recreational trails installed in 2012 and snowmobile paths installed in 2005.

Development of the Apple Way has been an ongoing public project since the mid-1990s.

The Town contracted with the SNHPC in July to help with preparing the Corridor Management Plan according to DOT requirements.

A public meeting was held in September to garner public input on the Apple Way, and the plan is now in the final draft stages.

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